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Timeline of G.I. Joe Releases


  • Henry and Helal Hassenfeld found the Hassenfeld Brothers textile company, later known as Hasbro, whose products include school supplies and eventually toys


  • Bergen Toy & Novelty Co. (BeToN) is the first American company to produce plastic toy soldiers and accessories, initially based on World War One; prior to this, toy soldiers were made of tin, lead, wood, or composite material


  • Sept. 14, Gene Roddenberry's TV series The Lieutenant debuts. Toy designer Stanley Weston of Weston Merchandising Corp. seeks to produce a Barbie-scale articulated toy soldier as a tie-in. The 11 3/4-inch (30 cm) G.I. Joe is Hasbro's resulting toy, and Weston is paid $100,000 for his contribution to the concept


  • Original G.I. Joe toy line released to stores, marketed as a "moveable fighting man" or "action figure" instead of a doll. The name is inspired at least in part by the 1945 Burgess Meredith film The Story of G.I. Joe, and the face is based on WWII Medal of Honor winner Mitchell Paige, a US Marine who received an official Joe figure in his likeness in 1998


  • British company Palitoy licensed to sell G.I. Joe-based products in the UK under the name Action Man


  • Hasbro publishes The Adventures of Andy and George in the G.I. Joe Club in DC Comics to promote new products


  • G.I. Joe Adventure Team moves the line's concept away from military themes
  • Japanese toy company Takara licensed to sell certain Hasbro products in Japan, including G.I. Joe (under the name Combat Joe).


  • "Kung-Fu grip" feature introduced to G.I. Joe figures
  • Takara introduces the Microman toy line as a science-fiction spin-off of their Combat Joe/Henshin Cyborg line, creating the first 3 3/4-inch (10 cm) pocket-size action figures. The figures are later marketed in the US as Micronauts by Mego Corporation, whose Action Jackson line was a competitor to G.I. Joe from 1971-1974. (Some transforming toys in the Microman line are later sold in the US as Transformers.)


  • OPEC oil embargo threatens the toy industry, since petroleum is the major raw material for plastic


  • 8 1/2-inch Super Joe figure series released


  • End of the original "12-inch" G.I. Joe toy line
  • General Mills-owned toy company Kenner is licensed to sell Star Wars toy merchandise (an offer turned down by Mego). Their pocket-sized action figures form the core of the Star Wars line, which quickly dominates the industry and establishes this scale as the new standard for action figures.


  • Inspired by the victory of the US hockey team over the USSR in the Winter Olympics, Hasbro Boys' Toys Vice President Bob Prupis presents a plan to reintroduce G.I. Joe in the 3 3/4-inch format, originally conceived as a group of military characters with a book tie-in and advertised with animated TV ads and its own commercial jingle.
  • During preliminary development, the book is replaced with a comic book series, adapted from early concepts for a Fury Force series by comic writer and Vietnam veteran Larry Hama. Hama develops initial character sketches, and comic master Archie Goodwin suggests the name Cobra as G.I. Joe's major adversary.


  • Marvel comics #1-6 (introduces Gen. Flagg, Kwinn, and the Oktober Guard)
  • Regular carded assortment includes Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Scarlett
  • Vehicles and playsets include VAMP, MOBAT, and Cobra's Sears-exclusive Missile Command Headquarters
  • Mail-exclusive Cobra Commander


  • Marvel comics #7-18 (introduces Billy, Dr. Venom, and Scar-Face)
  • Sunbow's animated film A Real American Hero airs Sept. 12-16 as a five-part miniseries
  • Mail-exclusive Major Bludd
  • Figures have new design with sturdier waistpiece, less cramped torso interior, and swivel joints on the arms. All 16 figures from 1982 are reissued with the swivel-arm construction
  • Regular carded assortment includes Gung-Ho, Destro, as well as the two previous mail exclusives.
  • Vehicles include FANG, HISS, Dragonfly, and, Skystriker
  • Mail-exclusive Duke and MANTA vehicle available by the end of the year
  • J.C. Penney-exclusive three-packs of existing figures, primarily received through catalog orders


  • Marvel comics #19-30
  • Sunbow's five-part miniseries The Revenge of Cobra airs Sept. 10-14.
  • Regular carded assortment includes Roadblock, Baroness, and Storm Shadow
  • Vehicles include Sky Hawk, Stinger, Rattler, and Zartan's Chameleon
  • Vehicles now contain inserts of mail offers for toys no longer sold in stores
  • Mail-exclusive hooded Cobra Commander
  • Some collectors recall the Toss 'n Cross and/or the original three Dreadnoks being available from Sears during 1984's Christmas season.


  • Marvel comics #31-42
  • Sunbow's first season of the G.I. Joe cartoon series includes 55 new episodes, beginning Sept. 16.
  • Most of the new figures receive ball-joint necks that can nod and look slightly upward. This design change is not applied to previous years' figure molds, which keep their swivel necks through all future recolors.
  • Regular carded assortment includes Flint, Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, and the first Dreadnoks
  • Crimson Guard Commanders two-pack, and Sears-exclusive Crimson Guard vehicles
  • Vehicles include Trubble Bubble, Ferret, AWE Striker, Mauler, and USS Flagg
  • Listen 'n Fun Tripwire recolor released with story on cassette
  • Mail-exclusive Parachute Pack
  • Some of the new toys seem intended to replace older ones no longer in stores. For example, Bazooka is evidently a replacement for Zap, Footloose for Grunt, Lady Jaye for Scarlett, the Silver Mirage for the RAM, and the Mauler for the MOBAT.


  • Marvel comics #43-54, and beginning of Special Missions series
  • Sunbow's second season of G.I. Joe includes 30 new episodes, beginning Sept. 15.
  • Mail-exclusive Sgt. Slaughter
  • Regular carded assortment includes Beach Head, Wet-Suit, BAT, Viper, and Dr. Mindbender
  • Toys 'R Us-exclusive Special Mission Brazil five-pack with story on cassette
  • Vehicles and playsets include Serpentor's Air Chariot, Stun, HAVOC, Conquest X-30, and Terror Drome
  • Sears-exclusive Dreadnok Air Assault and Ground Assault vehicle sets


  • Marvel comics #55-66 (introduces Fred VII), and Order of Battle miniseries
  • Sunbow's G.I. Joe: The Movie first airs April 18 and is rerun in the fall as a five-part miniseries
  • G.I. Joe and other toy lines begin featuring brighter colors, futuristic concepts, and more play-value "gimmicks" to compete with the immense popularity of the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Mail-exclusive The Fridge
  • Regular carded assortment includes Falcon, Jinx, and Tunnel Rat
  • Renegade and Cobra-La three-packs
  • Vehicles include the first Action Packs, Persuader, Maggot, Mamba, and Defiant
  • Mail-exclusive Steel Brigade and Starduster
  • Battle Force 2000 figures and vehicles
  • In addition to figure and vehicle inserts, Hasbro begins mailing special offers directly to consumers who have ordered in the past


  • Marvel comics #67-78 (death of Serpentor)
  • Sunbow series continues in reruns hosted by a live-action Sgt. Slaughter, with a special opening sequence that combines clips from G.I. Joe: The Movie with animation from the comic/toy commercials.
  • Mail-exclusive Super Trooper
  • Regular carded assortment includes Iron Grenadiers, Storm Shadow as a G.I. Joe, and Dreadnok Road Pig
  • Many carded figures in 1988 and early 1989 come with camouflage paint
  • Vehicles include Destro's Despoiler, Swampmasher, Desert Fox, and Phantom X-19
  • Summer: Toys 'R Us-exclusive Night Force figure two-packs and vehicles
  • Late Summer/early fall: Tiger Force carded figures and vehicles


  • Feb. 9: 25th anniversary celebration of G.I. Joe in New York City
  • Marvel comics #79-90 (introduces Joseph Colton as the original G.I. Joe; death of most of the Oktober Guard)
  • DiC's five-part miniseries Operation Dragonfire airs Sept. 4-8
  • Regular carded assortment includes Scoop, Countdown, Alley Viper, and Night-Viper
  • Many carded figures in 1989 come with Micro Figures
  • Vehicles include FANG II, HISS II, Thunderclap, and Condor Z25
  • Tiger Fish and Tiger Sting added to Tiger Force
  • Slaughter's Marauders / Python Patrol carded assortment and vehicles
  • Summer: second wave of Toys 'R Us-exclusive Night Force line


  • Marvel comics #91-102 (return of Cobra Commander)
  • DiC's first season of the G.I. Joe cartoon series includes 19 new episodes, beginning Sept. 25
  • Regular carded assortment includes Capt. Grid-Iron, Night-Creepers, and Metal-Head
  • Sky Patrol premium carded figures and vehicles
  • Vehicles include Overlord's Dictator, Dominator helicopter tank, Retaliator, and General
  • Sonic Fighters premium carded figures (counted here as part of the 1991 series) in most stores before Christmas


  • Marvel comics #103-114 (deaths of fourteen Joes)
  • DiC's second season of the G.I. Joe cartoon series includes 20 new episodes, beginning Sept. 23
  • From this point forward, most figures released are new versions of established characters
  • Regular carded assortment includes Heavy Duty, Big Ben, and Crimson Guard Immortal
  • Air Commandos premium carded assortment
  • Vehicles include Badger, Paralyzer, Battle Copters, and Sonic Fighters Battle Wagon
  • Late fall: Second carded assortment includes new versions of Snake Eyes, BAT, and Cobra Commander
  • Late fall: Eco-Warriors premium carded assortment and Septic Tank vehicle
  • Sonic Fighters Battle Wagon released
  • Super Sonic Fighters and Talking Battle Commanders (counted here as part of the 1992 series) in most stores before Christmas


  • Marvel comics #115-126 (focus on brainwave scanner and special teams)
  • January: first convention hosted by the Official G.I .Joe Collector's Club of America (exclusive vehicle CUDA)
  • Hall of Fame series of 12-inch G.I. Joe figures debuts
  • Ninja Force carded figures in stores by Feburary
  • Spring: Wave 1 regular carded assortment includes new versions of Duke, Roadblock, and Destro
  • Spring/Summer: Second wave of Air Commandos
  • Vehicles and playsets include more Battle Copters, Patriot, Parasite, and new Headquarters
  • Mail-order exclusive Ninja Viper
  • Fall: Wave 2 regular carded assortment includes Gen. Flagg and new versions of Wild Bill and Firefly
  • Fall: Second year of Eco-Warriors figures, Eco-Striker, and Toxo-Lab
  • Some wave 1 of Battle Corps carded assortment (plus 1992's Gung-Ho and Roadblock on Battle Corps cards) are available in many stores before Christmas


  • Marvel comics #127-143 (focus on ninjas and Transfomers crossover)
  • Winter: Wave 1 Battle Corps carded assortment includes Col. Courage, Snow Storm, and Night Creeper Leader
  • February: second wave of Ninja Force carded figures includes a new Scarlett, first female figure in the line since Jinx in 1987
  • Winter/spring equipment includes Mudbuster, Ninja Lightning, and Ninja Raiders vehicles
  • May: Wave 2 Battle Corps carded assortment includes new Duke and Cobra Commander, plus recolors of the first wave's Snow Storm and Outback
  • May: Mega-Marines/Mega-Monsters and Star Brigade Armor-Tech premium carded assortments
  • May/June: Star Brigade carded assortment
  • Summer vehicles include Ghoststriker, Detonator, and Armor-Bot
  • Wal-Mart exclusive Dino-Hunter Mission Playset
  • August: Wave 3 Battle Corps carded assortment includes Long Arm and Gristle
  • Fall: Mail-order exclusive figures include Create-a-Cobra, Arctic Commandos, International Action Force, and Rapid Deployment Force
  • Fall: Capcom Street Fighter II carded assortment and vehicles


  • Marvel comics #144-155 (includes flashback to Snake Eyes' injury, introduces Star Brigade)
  • Wave 4 Battle Corps carded assortment includes new Flint, Maj. Bludd, and Metal-Head
  • Vehicles include Manta-Ray, Razor-Blade, Scorpion, and Blockbuster
  • new Star Brigade carded assortment includes Lunartix Empire aliens and Power Fighters vehicles
  • Shadow Ninjas carded assortment
  • Original Action Team 3 3/4-inch replicas of 1960s figures released for Joe's 30th anniversary
  • Mail-order exclusive G.I. Joe (Joseph Colton)
  • June 12: death of Christopher Lawrence Latta, long-time voice of Cobra Commander
  • end of the vintage G.I. Joe toy line
  • Canceled concepts for A Real American Hero include Battle Rangers, Ninja Commandos, Manimals, and Replicators
  • Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles toy line in stores before Christmas, with 4.5-inch scale figures


  • Sgt. Savage receives Sunbow-produced 30-minute animated special
  • Hall of Fame 12-inch line continues with figures made to resemble real-life soldiers from previous wars
  • Sept. 23: G.I. Joe Extreme cartoon series debuts, accompanied by its own line of toys, with 5-inch scale figures


  • Devil's Due publishes G.I. Joe Extreme comic miniseries
  • G.I. Joe Extreme line canceled for poor performance, having released 17 figures, 5 vehicles and 1 playset


  • Fall: Delayed release of new, commemorative G.I. Joe figure 3-packs and vehicles as Toys 'R Us exclusives
  • Stars & Stripes Forever set of original Joe Team (minus Flash)
  • Products differed widely from promotion and packaging because molds for some figures were unavailable


  • New TRU-exclusive figure 3-packs include Oktober Guard and Viper recolors sold as Cobra Officers and Troopers
  • Vehicles include MOBAT, Conquest, and Stinger recolors, the last of which is renamed the Rattler 4WD


  • No new G.I. Joe releases, presumably to avoid competing with Hasbro-Kenner's merchandising for Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace


  • Fall: first wave of Real American Hero Collection figure 2-packs released, with "Special Collector's Edition" seal. Figures include Hawk renamed General Tomahawk, Storm Shadow returning to Cobra, and Baroness lookalike Chameleon.
  • Only three vehicles this year: HISS III, Man-O-War (Barracuda recolor), and Locust XH-1
  • New figures and vehicles include paint wiping and marbled color schemes


  • January: Wave 2 RAHC figures include Whiteout, Side Track, and a retro look for Maj. Bludd
  • February: three Manimals from the canceled 1994/95 team sold as Kay-Bee Toys exclusives
  • July: Wave 3 RAHC figures include Double Blast, Sure Fire, and Fast Blast Viper
  • September: Wave 4 RAHC figures include Shadow Viper, Big Brawler, and a new Zartan
  • September: Image/Devil's Due comic series begins
  • Only four general-release vehicles this year: AWE Striker, Desert Striker, NLC, and Wave Crusher
  • November: Toys 'R Us-exclusive G.I. Joe Headquarters released (recolor of the 1992 set)


  • Following 9/11 attacks, Cobra is no longer referred to as terrorists; they are now a "criminal organization"
  • G.I. Joe vs. Cobra line of figure 2-packs launched, featuring new construction styles; T-crotch design of early figures prompts a "Save the O-ring" campaign on the Internet
  • January: Wave 1 JvC figures include CLAWS and Neo-Vipers, and add Frostbite and Heavy Duty to the core G.I. Joe team
  • Wave 1 vehicles include Rock Slide and Mantis
  • April: Wave 5 RAHC figures released in special collector's outlets, including Sideswipe, Shock Viper, and a new Serpentor; one previously announced 2-pack (Frostbite and Sub-Zero recolor Deep Freeze) is never released
  • May: Toys 'R Us-exclusive Night Rhino
  • May: first wave of JvC figures re-released in new color schemes, dubbed JvC Wave 1.35
  • Summer: reruns of the Sunbow animated series air on Cartoon Network
  • June: recolored old-construction figures released as JvC Wave 1.5, including Mirage, Slice, and Headman
  • June 28-30: G.I. Joe Collector's Convention in Norfolk, VA, with exclusive Crimson Strike Team and paratrooper Dusty
  • Sound Attack feature added to most new toys for enhanced play value (through 2003)
  • August: Wave 2 JvC figures feature the return of the O-ring design and include new looks for Sgt. Stalker, Zartan, and Firefly
  • Wave 2 vehicles include Assault Quad, FANG III, and Hiss IV
  • August/September: Four of the wave 1.5 figures re-released in new color schemes
  • September: BJ's-exclusive Sound Attack figure eight-pack, with odd blue vs. red color scheme
  • late September: Wave 3 JvC figures include new looks for Flint, Baroness, and Dr. Mindbender; Night Attack Chopper is the only new vehicle
  • October: Larry Hama returns to G.I. Joe comics with the Image-Devil's Due Frontline series
  • November: Wave 4 JvC figures feature new looks for Wild Bill, Shipwreck, and BAT, plus new character Dart; gold Rattler recolor is the only new vehicle


  • January: ToyFare Magazine exclusive Scarlett and Snake Eyes; Rhino DVD release of first two Sunbow miniseries has its own exclusive Snake Eyes figure
  • January: JvC Wave 5 introduces Spy Troops theme and includes Cross Hair, Barrel Roll, and new concept for Over Kill
  • Wave 5 vehicles include Air Assault glider and Venom Cycle
  • February: Toys 'R Us-exclusive Tiger Force 5-pack begins tradition of recolored sets of old-construction figures at TRU
  • March/April: G.I. Joe Collector's Club begins tradition of annual exclusive figure, starting with transparent Zartan
  • April: JvC Wave 6 figures include Black Out, Sand Viper, and return of Roadblock
  • Wave 6 vehicles include Missile Storm and Tread Fire, plus TRU exclusive AWE Striker, Snow Cat, and Conquest
  • June: online-exclusive BAT 6-pack and TRU-exclusive Python Patrol 6-pack
  • June 27-29: G.I. Joe Convention in San Francisco, with exclusive Operation Anaconda set and HISS IIb
  • August: JvC Wave 7 figures include Kamakrua, Wide Scope, and new look for Night Creepers
  • August vehicles include Sky Sweeper, Smoke Screen and Crimson Command Copter
  • August/September: Recolors and O-ring versions of early JvC figures released as Wave 7.75
  • September: LEGO competitor Built-to-Rule releases G.I. Joe sets; Hollow Point is the only BTR-exclusive character
  • September 27: Reel FX Studios released G.I. Joe Spy Troops: The Movie
  • November: JvC Wave 8 figures include Agent Faces, Heavy Water, and new look for Zarana
  • Wave 8 vehicles include Patriot Grizzly, Kay-Bee Toys exclusive CAT II, and TRU-exclusive Conquest of Cobra Mountain
  • Mail-order exclusive Agent Faces in Crimson Guard disguise


  • Devil's Due becomes independent from Image Comics and begins incorporating newer toys into the comic series
  • Figure proportions and Action Attack features mark the new Valor vs. Venom theme for the year's toys
  • January: VvV Wave 1 figure 2-packs include Hi-Tech, Razorclaw, and another new look for Dr. Mindbender
  • Wave 1 vehicles include Piranha Attack Boat, Night Adder, and TRU-exclusive APC Transport, plus two new BTR vehicles
  • February: Wal-Mart exclusive 2-packs, and TRU-exclusive Night Force and Cobra Infantry 6-packs
  • March: selected 2002-2003 figures reissued in single packs to pharmacies and low-end retail stores, most with minor variations
  • March: VvV Wave 2 figures include Hard Drive, new looks for Destro and the BATs, and two mech accessories
  • May: VvV Wave 3 figures include Agent Jinx, Electric EEL, and Coil Crusher
  • Wave 3 vehicles are Neutralizer and Battle Hornet
  • July 2-4: G.I. Joe Convention at Walt Disney World, with exclusive Tiger Force/Dreadnok set and vehicles
  • July: first wave of figure 3-packs based on Marvel comics includes Kwinn, red-masked Cobra Trooper, and Baroness with removable glasses
  • August: TRU-exclusive Anti-Venom and Cobra Urban Strike Team 6-packs
  • New vehicles include Ice Sabre, Sting Raider, and Thunderwing, plus exclusive vehicle sets at Kmart and Costco
  • September: VvV Wave 4 figures include Dr. Link Talbot, Gen. Abernathy, and Venomous Maximus; Ninja Lightning Cycles are the only new vehicles
  • late September: TRU-exclusive VAMP with Twin Battle Gun
  • October: Recolors of 2003-2004 figures released as VvV Wave 5, plus recolored vehicles and Jungle Strike Humvee
  • October: limited release of new Built-to-Rule sets, second wave of comic 3-packs, and second wave of single packs
  • November: TRU-exclusive Desert Patrol Squad and Cobra Ninja Strike Team 6-packs
  • December: Voice F/X Duke figure (in both 3 3/4-inch and 12-inch scales), and TRU-exclusive Operation Crimson Sabotage set


  • January: VvV Wave 6 figures include new looks for Frostbite and Torch, plus new Cobra agent Slash
  • Wave 6 vehicles and playsets include Desert Humvee, Venomization Chamber, and Ninja Battles arena
  • late January: third wave of comic 3-packs includes Oktober Guard and astronaut Flash
  • January/February: TRU-exclusive Infantry Division and Crimson Guard 6-packs
  • March: VvV Wave 7 figures include Bombstrike, Croc Master, and Cobra Commander with removable helmet
  • Wave 7 vehicles include recolors of Ninja Lightning Cycle, Air Assault, and HISS
  • Spring: third wave of single packs, fourth wave of comic 3-packs, and Collector's Club figure Jungle Viper
  • Spring: Mail-order exclusive: Storm Shadow with removable mask
  • Spring: 3 3/4-inch G.I. Joe line goes on "hiatus" from general release; most new products will be Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) online exclusives
  • Summer: Hasbro launches G.I. Joe Sigma 6 line in stores, in 2 1/2-inch and 12-inch scales.
  • June: G.I. Joe: Master & Apprentice series continues the G.I. Joe comic story
  • June: DTC Wave 1 figures include Major Barrage, Medi-Viper, and new look for Crimson Guard
  • Wave 1 vehicles are Night Ops Humvee and missile HISS
  • June: online-exclusive comic 3-packs, and TRU-exclusive Winter Operations and Imperial Procession 6-packs
  • June 23-24: G.I. Joe Convention in Minneapolis features Iron Grenadiers/Steel Brigade sets
  • August: final TRU-exclusive 6-packs: Heavy Assault Squad, Crimson Shadow Guard, and Cobra Night Watch
  • September 10: Anime-style Sigma 6 animated series debuts to promote the new toy line
  • September: DTC Wave 2 figures include Footloose, Salvo, and Major Bludd
  • Wave 2 vehicles are RHINO and ROCC; ROCC is also released in Sigma 6 packaging
  • October: more Marvel comic 3-packs and BAT 6-pack released as online exclusives


  • January: DTC Wave 3 figures include Med Alert, Grand Slam, Low-Light, and Monkey Wrench; Ice Sabre recolor is the only new vehicle
  • January: special comic 3-packs released, including Agent Courtney Krieger, Hannibal: Reborn, and Vietnam-era Joe set
  • Viper Lockdown 6-pack released, exclusive to TRU and online stores
  • February/March: DTC Wave 4 canceled; final comic 3-packs released to TRU, along with Plague Troopers and Viper Pit 6-packs
  • March: G.I. Joe Collector's Club releases Operation MOTH sets 1-2 and annual figure Nullifier
  • June 29-July 2: G.I. Joe Convention in New Orleans features Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades and Cobra mercenary set


  • March: G.I. Joe Collector's Club releases Operation MOTH sets 3-4 and annual figure Copperhead
  • July 25-29: San Diego Comic Convention releases exclusive Destro with new 25th-anniversary construction
  • August: Wave 1 of 25th-anniversary single-pack figures includes Flint, hooded Cobra Commander, and Storm Shadow as a G.I. Joe
  • August: G.I. Joe and Cobra 25th-anniversary 5-packs include sound packs with music from the Sunbow cartoon series
  • September: 25th Wave 2 figures include Lady Jaye and Devil's Due-style Serpentor
  • September: Cobra Legions 5-pack released with Air Trooper and Valor vs. Venom-style Storm Shadow
  • September 27-30: G.I. Joe Convention in Atlanta features Rowdy Roddy Piper, Night Stalkers, and new looks for original Joes
  • October: 25th Wave 3 figures include Stalker, Zartan, and Red Ninja
  • December/January: 25th Wave 4 figures are carded versions of figures from the three 5-packs


  • January: 25th Wave 5 figures include Flash, Snow Job, and Iron Grenadiers Destro
  • January: first wave of comic 2-packs released, including Col. Hawk and blue Snake Eyes
  • February: second wave of comic 2-packs includes Breaker, Ripper, and Torch
  • March: 25th Wave 6 figures are Rock 'n Roll, Torpedo, and Cobra Commander in battle armor
  • March: third wave of comic 2-packs include cloaked Storm Shadow, scarred Cobra Officer, and the Crimson Twins
  • April: TRU-exclusive Red Ninja and Night Watch 5-packs, and Senior Ranking Officers 3-packs
  • April: Target-exclusive vehicles, G.I. Joe Collector's Club Cobra Commander and mail-exclusive Doc
  • May: 25th Wave 7 figures include Wild Bill, Spirit, and Duke with US flag
  • late May: 25th-anniversary stamp no longer appears on new releases; wave 8 figures include Tiger Force Flint and Python Officer
  • June: final issue of G.I. Joe: America's Elite comic series
  • June: fourth wave of comic 2-packs include Firefly, Copperhead, and Red Star
  • June: general release vehicles include VAMP, RAM Cycle, and Serpentor's Air Chariot
  • June 26-29: G.I. Joe Convention in Dallas features SWAT/Headhunters set and Sky BAT
  • July: first two DVD sets released, each with a Sunbow miniseries and related figures
  • July 24-27: San Diego Comic Convention exclusive Cobra Commander
  • late July: Wave 9 figures include Bazooka, BAT, and Storm Shadow in black
  • July/August: fifth wave of comic 2-packs includes Falcon, Iron Grenadier, and Tripwire
  • September: second wave of general-release vehicles includes Sharc Tooth and Firebat Jet
  • late September: TRU-exclusive G.I. Joe Trooper and Crimson Guard 5-packs, and Target-exclusive Conquest and Rattler
  • October: Wave 10 figures include Mutt, Cobra Para-Viper, and Mercenary Wraith
  • late October: more Senior Ranking Officers 3-packs
  • early November: Wave 11 figures include Airborne, Specialist Trakker, and Flint in Cobra disguise
  • November: sixth wave of comic 2-packs includes Hard Master, Dataframe, and Wild Bill in Sunbow color scheme
  • November: DVD sets 3-4 includes Serpentor and Quick Kick; Target-exclusive Ultimate Battle Pack
  • November/December: Wave 12 figures include Ninja Viper and Cobra Diver
  • December: seventh wave of comic 2-packs are recolors
  • December: Extreme Conditions 7-packs released to special collector's outlets
  • late December: G.I. Joe: The Movie DVD set with Alpine, and some delayed DTC Wave 4 figures released as online exclusives


  • early January: Ghost HAWK and Sting Raider vehicles released
  • late January: Wave 13 figures include Blowtorch and new looks for Duke and Cobra Commander
  • late January: final comic 2-packs include Shockblast (aka Shockwave) and Tunnel Rat
  • early February: new G.I. Joe and Cobra 5-packs improve on existing designs, most notably (Lady Jaye and Viper)
  • February: G.I. Joe Collector's Club releases remaining DTC Wave 4 figures, including Munitia
  • late February: final DVD set features excerpts from Reel FX animation; G.I. Joe Resolute 5-pack released
  • March: IDW begins its G.I. Joe comic series
  • March: Target-exclusive Tiger Rat and Python Patrol Conquest
  • April 18: G.I. Joe: Resolute animated series debuts on Adult Swim
  • April: Top 10 fan-selected figures released as Hall of Heroes series
  • May: G.I. Joe Collector's Club annual figure Undertow
  • June: online-exclusive vehicles include Arctic HISS
  • August 7: live-action G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra film reboots the G.I. Joe concept (not covered on this site)