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File Name: Everett P. Colby of Charlottesville, Virginia.
Grade: Navy O-9 (1993), not listed on the 1985 filecard.
SNs: 672-38-4202; 0672-38-4202
Notes: In real life, Everett Colby was a banker and political figure at the turn of the twentieth century. Charlottesville is in the central part of the state, about 70 miles northwest of Richmond. It is home to the University of Virginia and was the one-time home of presidents Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe.

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Animated Appearances

Keel-Haul was one of four characters never depicted in the Sunbow series despite having figures released before 1987, the others being Grand Slam, Stinger Driver, and Capt. Claymore. The character Admiral Ledger was used in his place.

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Keel-Haul was discernible in 26 panels in 8 issues from Oct. 1985 to Aug. 1991: #40, 41, 73, 74, 77, SM 19, SM 28, and 115. He was not featured in the Order of Battle.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1985 (U.S.S. Flagg) 2. 1993 (Battle Corps)  
Version 1: spring 1985 boxed Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Flagg vehicle
AdmiralMOS 1: Command (U.S.S. Flagg) [1117]
MOS 2: Pilot [1317]
  • head: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
  • arms: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
  • torso: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
  • waist: Keel-Haul (85, 93), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • legs: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
Accessories: silver semi-automatic pistol with textured grip and round trigger guard.
Graduated Annapolis and Navy Flight School. Flew Phantom F-4's off the Intrepid in late 60's. Attended the Naval War College in Newport, RI and the Armed Forces Staff College. Holder of the Navy Cross, DFC, and Air Medal. Keel-Haul is a respected military historian, a nationally rated chess player, and possibly the world's worst clarinet player.
"Keel-Haul was always cool. He could set an F-4 down on a carrier deck at night with half his instruments out and walk away whistling. You know what it's like to land on a carrier at night? Try jumping on a moving skate board while blind folded!"
Variations: Early mail-order copies did not have a patch on the right arm, and at least some mail-order Keel-Hauls did not include the pistol.
Toy Notes: Item #6001. Keel-Haul's pistol is considered a moderately high-demand item. The prototype appearing in the comercial appeared to have a shorter mustache.
Reissues: Reissued in mail offers 1988-1991 (North Atlantic, Operation Deep Six, Incredible Shrinking Joes, G.I. Joe Bugle, Rumble in the Jungle).
Version 2. summer 1993 Battle Corps Wave 3 carded figure assortment, #21
AdmiralMOS 1: Naval Command General Staff
MOS 2: Pilot [1317]
  • head: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
  • arms: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
  • torso: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
  • waist: Keel-Haul (85, 93), Major Altitude (91, 93)
  • legs: Keel-Haul (85, 93)
Accessories: blue submachine gun (91 Cloudburst's), blue rifle (91 Flint's), red-brown spring missile launcher with large sight tube on top and black trigger (new), two blue spring missiles with bullet-shaped tip (new), blue knife (93 Beach-Head's), blue figure stand (common).
KEEL-HAUL became a legend flying Phantom F-4's, but his career really "took off" when he became the first aircraft carrier captain to double as a fighter pilot. His carrier had come under a massive Cobra attack and he needed to get more planes in the air if the ship - and its crew - was to survive. Since there were no more pilots available, Keel-Haul jumped into a Ghoststriker X-16 jet and roared off the flight deck with all guns blazing. With the added firepower and inspiration he brought to the skies, the Joes won the battle minutes later. According to Keel-Haul, no enemy is too great a threat that a few air-to-ground heat-seeking missiles won't cure!
Variations: The emblem on Keel-Haul's chest could be small or large.
Toy Notes: Item #6773.