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In order to minimize continuity and art-shift issues, this website uses production order for the Sunbow episodes (with exceptions to keep multipart stories in their proper place) and airdate order for the DiC episodes. Home video releases have typically used airdate order for both series.


Prod. #TitleWriters (as credited on screen)Air DateTop 5 Characters
Sunbow Miniseries, 1983-84
4005A Real American Hero, Part 1Written by Ron Friedman9/12/1983Duke, Destro, Cobra Cmdr, Scarlett, Stalker
4006A Real American Hero, Part 2Written by Ron Friedman9/13/1983Duke, Scarlett, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Snow Job
4007A Real American Hero, Part 3Written by Ron Friedman9/14/1983Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Timber, Torpedo
4008A Real American Hero, Part 4Written by Ron Friedman9/15/1983Gung-Ho, Scarlett, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Duke
4009A Real American Hero, Part 5Written by Ron Friedman9/16/1983Destro, Scarlett, Duke, Cobra Cmdr, Baroness
4018The Revenge of Cobra, Part 1Written by Ron Friedman9/10/1984Cobra Cmdr, Zartan, Destro, Gung-Ho, Buzzer
4019The Revenge of Cobra, Part 2Written by Ron Friedman9/11/1984Flint, Mutt, Cobra Cmdr, Duke, Destro
4020The Revenge of Cobra, Part 3Written by Ron Friedman9/12/1984Lady Jaye, Shipwreck, Flint, Gung-Ho, Roadblock
4021The Revenge of Cobra, Part 4Written by Ron Friedman9/13/1984Spirit, Cobra Cmdr, Zartan, Storm Shadow, Destro
4022The Revenge of Cobra, Part 5Written by Ron Friedman9/14/1984Zartan, Destro, Cobra Cmdr, Flint, Roadblock
Sunbow Season 1, 1985-86
600-01Cobra's CreaturesWritten by Kimmer Ringwald9/30/1985Cobra Cmdr, Mutt, Junkyard, Scarlett, Rip Cord
600-02Countdown for ZartanWritten by Christy Marx9/23/1985Spirit, Lady Jaye, Zartan, Gung-Ho, Stalker
600-04Cobra SoundwavesWritten by Ted Pedersen10/17/1985Gung-Ho, Ace, Roadblock, Cobra Cmdr, Scarlett
600-05Cobra Stops the WorldWritten by Steve Gerber9/26/1985Duke, Ace, Scarlett, Cobra Cmdr, Sparks
600-06Jungle TrapWritten by Paul Dini9/27/1985Duke, Scarlett, Recondo, Rock 'n Roll, Snake Eyes
600-07Haul Down the HeavensWritten by Buzz Dixon10/4/1985Flint, Lady Jaye, Snow Job, Duke, Rip Cord
600-37The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 1Written by Ron Friedman9/16/1985Cobra Cmdr, Shipwreck, Polly, Snake Eyes,Crimson Twins
600-38The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 2Written by Ron Friedman9/17/1985Shipwreck, Polly, Dusty, Timber, Mutt
600-39The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 3Written by Ron Friedman9/18/1985Shipwreck, Alpine, Snake Eyes, Bazooka, Polly
600-40The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 4Written by Ron Friedman9/19/1985Crimson Twins, Cobra Cmdr, Quick Kick, Destro, Alpine
600-41The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 5Written by Ron Friedman9/20/1985Cobra Cmdr, Shipwreck, Crimson Twins, Quick Kick, Snake Eyes
600-08Battle for the Train of GoldWritten by David Carren10/16/1985Duke, Scarlett, Gung-Ho, Snake Eyes, Zartan
600-09Operation Mind MenaceWritten by Martin Pasko10/15/1985Airborne, Flash, Duke, Destro, Lady Jaye
600-10Lights! Camera! Cobra!Written by Buzz Dixon10/10/1985Shipwreck, Cover Girl, Cobra Cmdr, Zartan, Mutt
600-11Cobra's CandidateWritten by Gordon Kent10/11/1985Lady Jaye, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Ripper, Crimson Twins
600-12Red Rocket's GlareWritten by Mary Skrenes9/24/1985Roadblock, Lady Jaye, Recondo, Flint, Crimson Twins
600-13Satellite DownWritten by Ted Pedersen9/25/1985Spirit, Lady Jaye, Storm Shadow, Dusty, Flint
600-14Money to BurnWritten by Roger Slifer10/14/1985Crimson Twins, Lady Jaye, Rip Cord, Roadblock, Flint
600-15The Phantom BrigadeWritten by Sharman Di Vono10/9/1985Duke, Scarlett, Wild Bill, Cobra Cmdr, Roadblock
600-16Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 1Written by Christy Marx10/7/1985Duke, Scarlett, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Zartan
600-17Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 2Written by Christy Marx10/8/1985Duke, Scarlett, Mutt, Junkyard, Destro
600-18Spell of the SirenWritten by Gerry & Carla Conway10/25/1985Baroness, Lady Jaye, Destro, Scarlett, Xamot
600-19Twenty QuestionsWritten by Buzz Dixon10/2/1985Shipwreck, Alpine, Cover Girl, Zartan, Buzzer
600-20The GamesmasterWritten by Flint Dille10/21/1985Flint, Lady Jaye, Cobra Cmdr, Baroness, Duke
600-21The Greenhouse EffectWritten by Gordon Kent10/3/1985Alpine, Destro, Bazooka, Wild Bill, Barbecue
600-22The Viper Is ComingWritten by David Carren10/24/1985Scarlett, Barbecue, Roadblock, Footloose, Alpine
600-23The FunhouseWritten by Steve Mitchell & Barbara Petty10/1/1985Flint, Cobra Cmdr, Alpine, Lady Jaye, Bazooka
600-24Where the Reptiles RoamWritten by Gerry & Carla Conway10/18/1985Alpine, Wild Bill, Lady Jaye, Bazooka, Cobra Cmdr
600-25Lasers in the NightWritten by Marv Wolfman10/22/1985Quick Kick, Duke, Lady Jaye, Cobra Cmdr, Destro
600-26The GermWritten by Roger Slifer10/23/1985Airtight, Ace, Shipwreck, Crimson Guard X-99, Flint
600-28Captives of Cobra, Part 1Written by Christy Marx10/29/1985Duke, Baroness, Gung-Ho, Barbecue, Scarlett
600-36Captives of Cobra, Part 2Written by Christy Marx10/30/1985Scarlett, Barbecue, Thunder, Spirit, Shipwreck
600-29Bazooka Saw a Sea SerpentWritten by Mary Skrenes10/31/1985Lady Jaye, Bazooka, Quick Kick, Alpine, Cobra Cmdr
600-30The Traitor, Part 1Written by Buzz Dixon11/25/1985Dusty, Shipwreck, Duke, Crimson Twins, Flint
600-46The Traitor, Part 2Written by Buzz Dixon11/26/1985Dusty, Cobra Cmdr, Flint, Shipwreck, Crimson Twins
600-31Cobra QuakeWritten by Ted Pedersen10/28/1985Bazooka, Lady Jaye, Quick Kick, Flint, Gung-Ho
600-32ExcaliburWritten by Dan Di Stefano11/1/1985Quick Kick, Storm Shadow, Duke, Spirit, Footloose
600-27Worlds Without End, Part 1Written by Martin Pasko11/4/1985Flint, Lady Jaye, Steeler, Clutch, Grunt
600-34Worlds Without End, Part 2Written by Martin Pasko11/5/1985Steeler, Grunt, Lady Jaye, Flint, Baroness
600-33Cobra CLAWs Are Coming to TownStory by Roy and Dann Thomas,
Script by Carla Conway and Gerry Conway
11/7/1985Shipwreck, Cover Girl, Polly, Duke, Cobra Cmdr
600-35Eau de CobraWritten by Flint Dille11/6/1985Flint, Lady Jaye, Destro, Baroness, Firefly
600-42An Eye for an EyeWritten by Steve Mitchell & Barbara Petty11/8/1985Lady Jaye, Cobra Cmdr, Flint, Maj. Bludd, Bazooka
600-43Primordial PlotWritten by Donald F. Glut11/12/1985Gung-Ho, Scarlett, Flint, Cobra Cmdr, Destro
600-44Flint's VacationWritten by Beth Bornstein11/13/1985Flint, Lady Jaye, Cobra Cmdr, Breaker, Baroness
600-45Hearts and CannonsStory by Alfred A. Pegal,
Script by Alfred A. Pegal and Larry Houston
11/14/1985Footloose, Dusty, Destro, Maj. Bludd, Flint
600-47The Gods BelowWritten by Gordon Kent11/11/1985Duke, Cobra Cmdr, Lady Jaye, Bazooka, Baroness
600-48Memories of MaraWritten by Sharman Di Vono11/15/1985Shipwreck, Lady Jaye, Destro, Duke, Crimson Twins
600-49The Wrong StuffStory by Flint Dille and Stanley Ralph Ross,
Script by Stanley Ralph Ross
11/28/1985Lady Jaye, Ace, Duke, Roadblock, Cobra Cmdr
600-51The Pit of VipersWritten by Flint Dille,
Script by James M. Ward
11/27/1985Flint, Shipwreck, Breaker, Cobra Cmdr, Destro
600-52The InvadersWritten by Dennis O'Neil11/29/1985Gung-Ho, Duke, Snake Eyes, Horror Show, Wong
600-55Cold SlitherWritten by Michael Charles Hill12/2/1985Cobra Cmdr, Zartan, Scarlett, Baroness, Duke
600-56The Great Alaskan Land RushWritten by David Carren12/3/1985Duke, Scarlett, Roadblock, Gung-Ho, Col. Brekhov
600-57Skeletons in the ClosetWritten by Flint Dille12/11/1985Lady Jaye, Destro, Flint, Baroness, Snake Eyes
600-58There's No Place Like Springfield, Part 1Written by Steve Gerber12/12/1985Shipwreck, Lady Jaye, Polly, Torpedo, Scarlett
600-59There's No Place Like Springfield, Part 2Written by Steve Gerber12/13/1985Shipwreck, Polly, Cobra Cmdr, Crimson Twins, Doc
Sunbow Season 2, 1986-87
600-73Arise, Serpentor, Arise! Part 1Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman9/15/1986Sgt. Slaughter, Dr. Mindbender, Cobra Cmdr, Hawk, Beach Head
600-74Arise, Serpentor, Arise! Part 2Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman9/16/1986Beach Head, Zarana, Zartan, Monkeywrench, Flint
600-75Arise, Serpentor, Arise! Part 3Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman9/17/1986Dr. Mindbender, Sgt. Slaughter, Crimson Twins, Cobra Cmdr, Hawk
600-76Arise, Serpentor, Arise! Part 4Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman9/18/1986Sgt. Slaughter, Dr. Mindbender, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Crimson Twins
600-77Arise, Serpentor, Arise! Part 5Story by Buzz Dixon, Teleplay by Ron Friedman9/19/1986Serpentor, Sgt. Slaughter, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Dr. Mindbender
600-50Last Hour to DoomsdayWritten by Tom Dagenais9/25/1986Flint, Lady Jaye, Baroness, Destro, Cobra Cmdr
600-60Let's Play SoldierWritten by Sharman Di Vono9/30/1986Leatherneck, Gung-Ho, Dr. Mindbender, Beach Head, Torch
600-53Computer ComplicationsWritten by David Schwartz9/26/1986Mainframe, Zarana, Shipwreck, Deep Six, Torpedo
600-54Sink the MontanaWritten by David Carren9/29/1986Hawk, Destro, Shipwreck, Polly, Deep Six
600-61CobrathonWritten by Martin Pasko and Rebecca Parr10/6/1986Mainframe, Sci-Fi, Lifeline, Beach Head, Flint
600-62The Million Dollar MedicWritten by Carla & Gerry Conway10/2/1986Lifeline, Lift-Ticket, Scarlett, Crimson Twins, Duke
600-63The Rotten EggWritten by Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty10/7/1986Leatherneck, Wet-Suit, Beach Head, Low-Light, Roadblock
600-64Once Upon a JoeWritten by Buzz Dixon10/1/1986Shipwreck, Polly, Beach Head, Zartan, Leatherneck
600-65Glamour GirlsWritten by Beth Bornstein10/8/1986Low-Light, Dial-Tone, Dr. Mindbender, Zartan, Flint
600-66Iceberg Goes SouthWritten by Mary Skrenes10/9/1986Iceberg, Dr. Mindbender, Wet-Suit, Lady Jaye, Snow Job
600-67The Spy Who Rooked MeWritten by Susan K. Williams10/13/1986Flint, Lady Jaye, Cross-Country, Dial-Tone, Dr. Mindbender
600-68Grey Hairs and Growing PainsStory by Dave Marconi and Flint Dille10/14/1986Flint, Lady Jaye, Mainframe, Dial-Tone, Sci-Fi
600-69My Brother's KeeperWritten by Buzz Dixon10/15/1986Dr. Mindbender, Sci-Fi, Buzzer, Zarana, Monkeywrench
600-70My Favorite ThingsWritten by Doug Booth10/16/1986Wet-Suit, Serpentor, Leatherneck, Lifeline, Cobra Cmdr
600-71Raise the Flagg!Written by David Carren10/20/1986Roadblock, Zartan, Wet-Suit, Zarana, Leatherneck
600-72G.I. Joe and the Golden FleeceStory by Flint Dille, Teleplay by Rick Merwin10/27/1986Sgt. Slaughter, Beach Head, Lifeline, Lady Jaye, Baroness
600-78The Most Dangerous Thing in the WorldWritten by Buzz Dixon10/29/1986Shipwreck, Lifeline, Serpentor, Leatherneck, Dial-Tone
600-79Ninja HolidayWritten by Michael Charles Hill10/22/1986Sgt. Slaughter, Wet-Suit, Beach Head, Leatherneck, Sci-Fi
600-80Nightmare AssaultWritten by Marv Wolfman10/30/1986Hawk, Low-Light, Lifeline, Iceberg, Dr. Mindbender
600-81Joe's Night OutWritten by David Schwartz11/10/1986Wet-Suit, Dial-Tone, Leatherneck, Serpentor, Mainframe
600-82Second-Hand EmotionsWritten by Gerry & Carla Conway10/31/1986Lifeline, Serpentor, Dr. Mindbender, Lift-Ticket, Hawk
600-83Not a Ghost of a ChanceWritten by Sharman Di Vono11/13/1986Flint, Dr. Mindbender, Lady Jaye, Serpentor, Cobra Cmdr
600-84Sins of Our FathersStory by Steve Gerber, Teleplay by Buzz Dixon11/18/1986Dial-Tone, Hawk, Flint, Serpentor, Cobra Cmdr
600-85In the Presence of Mine EnemiesWritten by Chris Weber and Karen Willson11/19/1986Slip-Stream, Raven (Strato-Viper), B.A.T.s, A.V.A.C.s, Dr. Mindbender
600-86Into Your Tent I Will Silently CreepWritten by Buzz Dixon and Michael Charles Hill11/20/1986Cross-Country, Cobra Cmdr, Storm Shadow, Firefly, Destro
Sunbow TV/VHS Film, 1987 (rerun in five parts)
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 1Story Consultant Buzz Dixon,
Written by Ron Friedman
4/18/1987Serpentor, Cobra Cmdr, Pythona, Duke, Dr. Mindbender
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 2Story Consultant Buzz Dixon,
Written by Ron Friedman
4/18/1987Jinx, Beach Head, Falcon, Big Lob, Nemesis Enforcer
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 3Story Consultant Buzz Dixon,
Written by Ron Friedman
4/18/1987Cobra Cmdr, Falcon, Golobulus, Roadblock, Nemesis Enforcer
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 4Story Consultant Buzz Dixon,
Written by Ron Friedman
4/18/1987Falcon, Sgt. Slaughter, Duke, Serpentor, Renegades
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 5Story Consultant Buzz Dixon,
Written by Ron Friedman
4/18/1987Falcon, Jinx, Sgt. Slaughter, Golobulus, Roadblock
DiC Miniseries, 1989
Operation Dragonfire: Day 1Written by Doug Booth9/4/1989Scoop, Serpentor, Sgt. Slaughter, Destro, Rock & Roll
Operation Dragonfire: Day 2Written by Doug Booth9/5/1989Scoop, Alley Viper, Stalker, Gnawgahyde, Baroness
Operation Dragonfire: Day 3Written by Doug Booth9/6/1989Scoop, Sgt. Slaughter, Low-Light, Stalker, Cobra Cmdr
Operation Dragonfire: Day 4Written by Doug Booth9/7/1989Cobra Cmdr, Scoop, Serpentor, Gnawgahyde, Alley Viper
Operation Dragonfire: Day 5Written by Doug Booth9/8/1989Scoop, Sgt. Slaughter, Spirit, Cobra Cmdr, Destro
DiC Season 1, 1990-91
1United We StandWritten by Tony Zalewski9/25/1990Pathfinder, Ambush, Cobra Cmdr, Salvo, Metal-Head
2Revenge of the PharaohsWritten by Ted Pedersen9/26/1990Night Creeper Leader, Lady Jaye, Cobra Cmdr, Bullhorn, Grid-Iron
3Granny DearestWritten by Chris Weber and Karen Willson9/27/1990Metal-Head, Freefall, Gnawgahyde, Pathfinder, Grid-Iron
4Victory at Volcania, Part 1Written by David B. Carren & J. Larry Carroll10/1/1990Cobra Cmdr, Hawk, Bullhorn, Salvo, Metal-Head
5Victory at Volcania, Part 2Written by David B. Carren & J. Larry Carroll10/2/1990Hawk, Grid-Iron, Ambush, Bullhorn, Metal-Head
6The Nozone ConspiracyWritten by Eric Early10/4/1990Cobra Cmdr, Sub-Zero, Ambush, Metal-Head, Gnawgahyde
11Pigskin CommandosWritten by Roger Slifer10/9/1990Range-Viper, Sgt. Slaughter, Grid-Iron, Cobra Cmdr, Lady Jaye
12Cold ShoulderWritten by Craig Miller and Mark Nelson10/10/1990Sub-Zero, Cobra Cmdr, Capt. Krimov, Rampart, Gnawgahyde
13Injustice and the Cobra WayWritten by Flint Dille & Meg McLaughlin10/11/1990Grid-Iron, Heavy Duty, Scoop, Cobra Cmdr, Zarana
9General ConfusionWritten by Steven Greene10/15/1990Big Ben, Dusty, Sandstorm, Capt. Krimov, Zarana
8Night of the CreepersWritten by Rick Merwin10/16/1990Low-Light, Scoop, Night Creeper Leader, Cobra Cmdr, Night Creepers
18That's EntertainmentWritten by George Caragonne10/18/1990Capt. Krimov, Hawk, Cobra Cmdr, Sgt. Slaughter, Heavy Duty
7I Found You...EvyWritten by Sharman Di Vono10/22/1990Ambush, Sgt. Slaughter, Dusty, Scoop, Evy (Range-Viper)
17An Officer and a VipermanWritten by Michael Hill10/24/1990Cobra Cmdr, Ambush, Pathfinder, Topside, Destro
15D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 1Written by David B. Carren and J. Larry Carroll11/5/1990Metal-Head, Pathfinder, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Skydive
16D-Day at Alcatraz, Part 2Written by David B. Carren and J. Larry Carroll11/6/1990Grid-Iron, Pathfinder, Topside, Metal-Head, Cobra Cmdr
14The Mind ManglerWritten by Christy Marx11/8/1990Duke, Skydive, Drop Zone, Altitude, Zarana
19BIOKWritten by Christy Marx2/11/1991Skydive, Destro, Cobra Cmdr, Lady Jaye, Altitude
10Stuck on YouWritten by Steve Mitchell and Barbara Petty2/13/1991Pathfinder, Cobra Cmdr, Night Creeper Leader, Lady Jaye, Big Ben
DiC Season 2, 1991-92
16The EliminatorWritten by Sandra Ryan9/23/1991Overkill, Cobra Cmdr, Metal-Head, Duke, Mercer
2ChunnelWritten by Tony Zalewski9/24/1991Cobra Cmdr, Maj. Bludd, Baroness, Road Pig, Wet-Suit
4The SwordWritten by Ted Pedersen & Steve Hayes9/25/1991Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Night Creeper Leader, Snake Eyes, Slice & Dice
3El Dorado – The Lost City of GoldWritten by Phil Harnage9/30/1991Grunt, Overkill, Cobra Cmdr, B.A.T.s, Destro
7Kindergarten CommandosWritten by Douglas Booth10/1/1991Mercer, Cobra Cmdr, Metal-Head, Road Pig, Slice & Dice
5Long Live Rock and Roll, Part 1Written by Doug Booth10/2/1991Rock 'n Roll, Psyche-Out, Falcon, Tracker, Metal-Head
6Long Live Rock and Roll, Part 2Written by Doug Booth10/3/1991Rock 'n Roll, Cobra Cmdr, Maj. Bludd, Psyche-Out, Skymate
12The Sludge Factor, Part 1Written by Phil Harnage10/7/1991Flint, Cesspool, Clean-Sweep, Major Altitude, Cobra Cmdr
13The Sludge Factor, Part 2Written by Ted Pedersen and Steve Hayes10/8/1991Cesspool, Flint, Clean-Sweep, Ozone, Cobra Cmdr
15Messenger from the DeepWritten by Marv Wolfman and Noel Watkins10/14/1991Flint, Heavy Duty, Cobra Cmdr, Duke, Scarlett
9The Greatest Evil, Part 1Written by Bob Forward and Eve Forward10/21/1991Duke, Falcon, Crimson Guard, Bullet-Proof, Cobra Cmdr
10The Greatest Evil, Part 2Written by Bob Forward and Eve Forward10/22/1991Falcon, Duke, Headman, Shockwave, Crimson Guard
1Infested IslandWritten by Martha Moran10/23/1991Cesspool, Flint, Ozone, Clean-Sweep, Skymate
11A Is for AndroidWritten by Sandra Ryan10/25/1991Hawk, Psyche-Out, Bullhorn, Pathfinder, Cobra Cmdr
18Shadow of a DoubtWritten by Michael Charles Hill11/6/1991Storm Shadow, Cobra Cmdr, Hawk, Tracker, Destro
8Keyboard WarriorsWritten by Misty Taggart11/12/1991Grunt, Wet-Suit, Overkill, Big Bear, Destro
14Cobra WorldWritten by Tony Zalewski11/14/1991Cobra Cmdr, Dusty, Road Pig, Grunt, Metal-Head
17Metal-Head's ReunionWritten by Steve Weiss & Paul Dell11/19/1991Grid-Iron, Metal-Head, Cobra Cmdr, Destro, Grunt
19Basic TrainingWritten by Phil Harnage1/7/1992Hawk, Flint, Clean-Sweep, Major Altitude, Rock 'n Roll
20The Legend of Metal-HeadWritten by Phil Harnage1/20/1992Metal-Head, Cobra Cmdr, Overkill, Destro, Bullet-Proof
Reel FX Films, 2003-05
Spy Troops: The MovieWritten by Larry Hama9/27/2003Cobra Cmdr, Shipwreck, Duke, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow
Valor vs. VenomWritten by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens9/14/2004Duke, Cobra Cmdr, Kamakura, Hi-Tech, Hawk
Ninja BattlesWritten by Judith & Garfield Reeves-StevensJan. 2005Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Tiger Claw, Hard Master, Duke
Opening Sequences and PSAs
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