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Cold Slither

51st of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Michael Charles Hill. First aired December 2, 1985.

Previous episode: The Invaders
Next episode: The Great Alaskan Land Rush

A G.I. Joe raid on Cobra's main vault leaves the terrorist organization penniless. The Crimson Twins give Cobra Commander 48 hours to produce $200 million. A Joe follow-up mission confirms that Cobra's bases are being abandoned and foreclosed. Meanwhile, Firefly leads Cobra Commander to a seedy loan shark who lets him borrow a million dollars in cash, which he uses to hire Zartan and the Dreadnoks to record a music video.

The rock song becomes an instant hit, and its subliminal messages draw a city's youth, along with Breaker, Footloose, and Shipwreck, to a stadium for a concert. They and the MPs sent to arrest them for going AWOL fall under a trance as Cobra begins broadcasting specific commands. Cobra demands a ransom for the captivated concert-goers. The female Joes disguise themselves as groupies to get close to the Dreadnoks and take over the sound booth. As the fans come to their senses, Rock 'n Roll insists the Joes provide them with the concert they came for.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Cobra Commander266 seconds36 linesscumming for loan, directing video, making broadcasts, at concert
Zartan143 seconds7 linesat Zartan's lair, playing guitar/lead vocal for Cold Slither plot
Scarlett126 seconds14 linesattacking fortress, disguised as rock fan, backup vocals
Baroness115 seconds10 linescutting power to Stinkey's, visiting Zartan's lair, giving subliminal commands
Duke112 seconds18 linesleading fortress raid, at briefing, playing guitar at concert
Torch111 seconds5 linesplaying guitar for Cold Slither plot
Ripper107 seconds5 linesplaying keyboard for Cold Slither plot
Destro103 seconds7 linesvisiting Zartan's lair, in control booth at concert
Shipwreck99 seconds6 lineshypnotized, at concert, playing drums
Firefly98 seconds3 linesat vault raid, visiting Stinkey's, driving Water Moccasin to Zartan's lair
Footloose87 seconds6 lineshypnotized, at concert, playing guitar
Polly87 seconds1 linewith Shipwreck at HQ, at concert, demanding music
Buzzer83 seconds5 linesplaying drums for Cold Slither plot
Breaker82 seconds6 lineswatching football, hypnotized, at concert, playing keyboard
Cover Girl81 seconds11 linesin A.W.E. Striker leading vault raid, disguised as rock fan, backup vocals
Lady Jaye79 seconds10 linesswimming at HQ, disguised as rock fan, backup vocals
Xamot59 seconds15 linesdeclaring Cobra broke, selling Cobra assets, buying music rights
Tomax54 seconds11 linesdeclaring Cobra broke, selling Cobra assets, buying music rights
Bazooka42 seconds3 linesflying Falcon Glider against fortress, golfing at HQ, at briefing
Rock 'n Roll39 seconds1 lineat briefing, suggesting providing song at concert, playing guitar
Alpine37 seconds2 linesflying Falcon Glider againt fortress, eating at HQ
Roadblock34 seconds1 lineattacking vault, at briefing
Torpedo25 seconds4 linesgolfing at HQ, reporting three Joes AWOL
Spirit17 seconds2 linesattacking vault
Gung-Ho13 seconds1 linein A.W.E. Striker to raid vault, swimming at HQ
Rip Cord11 seconds2 linesgolfing at HQ
Maj. Bludd10 seconds2 linesattacked at vault, escaping on Ferret
Dusty6 seconds1 linein A.W.E. Striker to raid vault
Thunder6 seconds1 linein A.W.E. Striker to raid vault
Barbecue5 seconds1 linegrilling burgers at Joe HQ
Ace3 seconds2 linesflying Skystriker to support raid
Background Characters
Flint13 seconds (silent)watching football, at briefing
Snow Job7 seconds (silent)golfing at HQ, at briefing
Troops Appearing
Cobra34 seconds attacked at vault, filing for unemployment
Greenshirt16 seconds attacking vault and fortress, at briefing
Vehicles Appearing
Water Moccasin39 seconds used to travel from Stinkey's to Zartan's lair
A.W.E. Striker23 seconds used to attack Cobra vault
H.I.S.S.10 seconds sold by Tomax and Xamot, seen outside concert
Skystriker8 seconds used to attack Cobra vault
Slugger7 seconds used to attack Cobra vault
Ferret6 seconds used by Maj. Bludd to escape vault attack
Falcon Glider4 seconds used to attack Cobra fortress
Dragonfly3 seconds used to attack Cobra fortress
Non-Toy Characters: Frankie, Stinkey, George Lanceburg, Army MP
Non-Toy Equipment: blue Cobra truck, green Joe jeep

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.3 set (Disc 11, Episode 4)