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Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 1

20th of 55 episodes in Sunbow season 1. Written by Christy Marx. First aired October 7, 1985.

Previous episode: The Phantom Brigade
Next episode: Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 2

Familiar top brass Col. Sharp and Adm. Ledger, as well as Generals Franks and Howe, are present for a G.I. Joe demonstration in the ocean. Cobra foils the war games, jamming the Joes' missile control systems and attacking. Duke is shot down and becomes tangled in his parachute in the water, having to be rescued, and Cobra uses the distraction to replace the four observing officers with "synthoid" duplicates loyal to Cobra. The replicas rebuke the Joes for the spoiled demonstration and slash the team's budget. Soon the Joes are running out of supplies, including fuel for their aircraft.

With the Joe Team weakened and demoralized, Cobra launches an air attack on Joe Headquarters. The supply shortages make it difficult to defend the base, and Duke is captured during the attack and replaced by a synthoid. Before anyone can recover from the attack, Gen. Franks arrives for an inspection. Not only does he berate the team for the damage to Headquarters, but he disbands the team as a threat to national security. Intuitively hostile to the synthoids, Junkyard attacks Gen. Franks, who orders the dog destroyed. Mutt and Junkyard flee, defended by Quick Kick, who is arrested. Rock 'n Roll volunteers to chase down Mutt and closes in on him near the perimeter fence.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Duke281 seconds44 linesin Dragonfly and Skystriker leading war games; at Joe HQ before attack; captured and replaced by synthoid
Scarlett226 seconds31 linesin Skystriker during war games; defending Joe HQ; protesting Franks' behavior
Cobra Commander162 seconds21 lineson sub creating synthoids; on Cobra cargo plane taunting Duke
Destro116 seconds12 lineson sub protesting use of synthoids; Destro synthoid created and destroyed
Zartan102 seconds19 linesdisguised as Erickson to replace staff with synthoids; capturing Duke at Joe HQ
Col. Sharp98 seconds5 linescaptured during war games and replaced with synthoid
Adm. Ledger81 seconds4 linescaptured during war games and replaced with synthoid
Junkyard74 seconds affectionate toward Duke; viciously attacks synthoids of Duke and Gen. Franks
Rock 'n Roll72 seconds11 linesreporting shortage of ammo; in Silver Mirage defending Joe HQ and following Mutt
Mutt63 seconds10 linesat Joe HQ during attack; flees with Junkyard after dog attacks synthoid Gen. Franks
Gung-Ho58 seconds2 linesin Whirlwind defending Joe HQ; at Franks' inspection
Cover Girl53 seconds5 linesrepairing Armadillo; reporting shortage of parts; in Wolverine to rescue Duke at HQ
Roadblock46 seconds4 linesdetecting Cobra attack on Joe HQ; in cannon defending HQ; at Franks' inspection
Quick Kick45 seconds (silent)in F.L.A.K. defending Joe HQ; preventing synthoid Gen. Franks from shooting Mutt
Wild Bill38 seconds6 linesin Dragonfly during war games
Buzzer38 seconds3 linesin F.A.N.G. attacking Skystrikers; capturing and holding Duke
Shipwreck36 seconds6 linesslapped by Scarlett; on USS Flagg during war games
Torch36 seconds2 linesin F.A.N.G. attacking Skystrikers; capturing and holding Duke
Ripper34 seconds3 linesin F.A.N.G. attacking Skystrikers; capturing and holding Duke
Ace19 seconds3 linesin Skystriker for war games; reporting grounding of Skystrikers at HQ
Clutch18 seconds2 lineshelping Cover Girl repair an Armadillo; reporting shortage of oil and gas
Torpedo14 seconds1 linerescuing Duke from tangled parachute in the water
Breaker10 seconds1 linerelaying Franks' order to Duke; monitoring communications at HQ
Deep Six9 seconds4 linesin S.H.A.R.C. during war games; rescuing Duke
Background Characters
Blowtorch7 seconds1 linereporting a shortage of propane for his flamethrower
Flint5 seconds2 linesin Skystriker during war games
Rip Cord5 seconds (silent)in Skystriker during war games
Troops Appearing
Cobra45 seconds1 linein Morays and Cobra sub during war games; in Rattlers and F.A.N.G.s against Joe HQ
Cobra Officer11 seconds manning Cobra sub and cargo plane
Tele-Viper8 seconds in sub activating Cobra's interference in Joe war games
Greenshirt5 seconds on Flagg after war games; running from exploding Skystrikers at Joe HQ
Vehicles Appearing
U.S.S. Flagg119 seconds base of operations for Joe war games
Skystriker111 seconds used for Joe war games; grounded at Joe HQ and destroyed during attack
Dragonfly73 seconds used for Joe war games
Silver Mirage62 seconds used to defend Joe HQ and follow Mutt
Rattler43 seconds used to attack Joe HQ
Moray37 seconds used to create smokescreen around command ship during war games
S.H.A.R.C.25 seconds used to rescue Duke during war games
F.A.N.G.23 seconds used to attack Skystrikers during war games, and to attack Joe HQ
Wolverine19 seconds used to rescue Duke during attack on Joe HQ
Armadillo10 seconds in repair bay at Joe HQ
F.L.A.K.10 seconds used to defend Joe HQ
Whirlwind9 seconds used to defend Joe HQ
Slugger3 seconds in repair bay at Joe HQ
Non-Toy Characters: Gen. Howe, Gen. Franks, Army soldiers and MPs
Non-Toy Equipment: Cobra submarine, blue Joe gun turret, Cobra cargo plane, Gen. Franks' jeep

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.2 set (Disc 5, Episode 4). The menu screen displays the title as "The Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 1."