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The Revenge of Cobra, Part 2:
The Vines of Evil

7th of 10 Sunbow episodes before Season 1. Written by Ron Friedman. First aired September 14, 1984.

Previous episode: The Revenge of Cobra, Part 1
Next episode: The Revenge of Cobra, Part 3

As Flint, Mutt, and Roadblock use a downed Skystriker's engines to keep the creeper vines away, Duke and Snake-Eyes are forced to fight in the Arena of Sport. Snake-Eyes manages to send the Joes a brief message about Cobra's plans to attack Washington with the Weather Dominator, and the Joes set up energy mirrors to defend the city.

Flint and Mutt escape the Pit of Chaos using a gyrocopter cobbled together from jet parts, but Roadblock is left behind. The two Joes make their way to a Cobra-run town and befriend the mercenary Shipwreck. Meanwhile, the Joe Team successfully defends the capital until the Weather Dom overloads and launches into orbit, coming down in three pieces and leaving the world's weather in chaos. Shipwreck sets out into the desert with Flint and Mutt to return them to Headquarters, but they are overcome by a sandstorm.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Flint193 seconds18 linesescaping vines in gyrocopter, disguised as a Cobra, recruiting Shipwreck
Mutt188 seconds11 linesescaping vines in gyrocopter, disguised as a Cobra, recruiting Shipwreck
Cobra Commander118 seconds15 linesholding arena fight, ordering full power during DC battle
Duke111 seconds5 linesresisting mind control in Arena of Sport
Destro109 seconds7 lineswatching arena fight, using Dominator against DC
Snake Eyes107 seconds fighting in arena, sending signal to HQ
Junkyard105 seconds escaping vines in gyrocopter, distracting Cobras, friendly to Shiprweck
Roadblock100 seconds8 lineshelping build gyrocopter, rescued from vines by sunlight
Shipwreck84 seconds11 linesrecruited by Flint and Mutt, transporting them in his sail skiff
Scarlett71 seconds7 linesat Doc's demonstration, leading DC battle, driving V.A.M.P. to return to HQ
Zartan67 seconds7 lineswarning Cobra Cmdr of Snake Eyes' message, supporting DC plans
Doc50 seconds9 linestesting energy mirror, driving transport truck to DC battle
Gung-Ho43 seconds6 linesat Doc's demonstration, leading greenshirts in DC, driving VAMP2
Lady Jaye33 seconds2 linesat Doc's demonstration, reporting HQ message after DC battle
Breaker29 seconds1 linewith Sparks receiving Snake Eyes' message
Clutch28 seconds3 linesat Doc's demonstration, operating mirror in DC
Stalker15 seconds1 lineleading greenshirts in DC battle, riding in Scarlett's VAMP
Sparks13 seconds2 lineswith Breaker receiving Snake Eyes' message
Blowtorch10 seconds1 lineusing flamethrower to test Doc's energy mirror
Col. Sharp8 seconds2 linesoverseeing evacuation of DC
Background Characters
Cover Girl8 seconds1 lineat Doc's demonstration
Grunt5 seconds (silent)operating Whirlwind cannon
Tripwire4 seconds (silent)at Doc's demonstration
Short-Fuze3 seconds (silent)operating A.P.C. cannon during DC battle
Thunder2 seconds (silent)in Slugger during DC battle (11:36, 11:41)
Troops Appearing
Greenshirt54 seconds driving V.A.M.P.s to DC battle, operating energy mirrors
Cobra Officer37 seconds1 linerestraining Duke and Snake Eyes in arena
Cobra36 seconds1 linedisguises for Flint and Mutt, occupying nearby desert town
Vehicles Appearing
A.P.C.45 seconds used to transport troops to the DC battle
Skystriker40 seconds crashed in the Pit of Chaos, used to travel to battle in DC
V.A.M.P.31 seconds used in the battle in DC
Dragonfly21 seconds used in the battle in DC
V.A.M.P. Mark II9 seconds seen before and after the battle in DC
Stinger8 seconds stolen by Flint and Mutt
M.O.B.A.T.7 seconds used in the battle in DC
Slugger7 seconds used in the battle in DC
Whirlwind5 seconds used in the battle in DC
A.S.P.2 seconds seen in the Cobra town (12:16, 17:36)
Non-Toy Characters: ruffians in the Cobra Cafe
Non-Toy Equipment: energy mirror truck, makeshift gyrocopter, sand skiff

Misc. Notes

  • Time references for this episode do not include the opening recap. For recordings with the recap, add 2 minutes, 20 seconds.
  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Season 1.1 set (Disc 2, Episode 2).
  • First appearances (in order): Blowtorch, Greenshirts, Grunt, and Shipwreck.
  • The "greenshirts" whose first obvious use is in this episode are G.I. Joe troopers in generic green uniforms who pad the numbers of the Joe Team. This is also the first appearance of Clutch's tan outfit.
  • The 2008 release of the DVD with related figures (Destro, Lady Jaye, and Roadblock) included both the Weather Dominator and a set of creeper vines.