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Night of the Creepers

11th of 19 episodes in DiC season 1. Written by Rick Merwin. First aired October 16, 1990.

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Flying over Thailand, a small Joe patrol flushes out an underwater Cobra base and captures most of the Night Creepers. Cobra Commander and Destro retreat to a jungle temple where they reactivate mummified warriors of the ancient Dragon Emperor, over Night Creeper Leader's objections. Meanwhile, Scoop and Low-Light infiltrate the temple, hampered by Low-Light's fear of ghosts. As Night Creeper Leader pleads with a statue of the Dragon Emperor, Cobra sends out its army in partial Night Creeper uniforms to attack G.I. Joe's outpost. Scoop and Low-Light warn the outpost of the approaching army, and a girl appears, telling them to find the Ruby Heart of Darkness.

The outpost defends against the mummy army, which starts a dangerous landslide, but the Dragon Emperor appears in the clouds and turns the warriors against Cobra. As the outpost is evacuated, Krimov informs Scoop that a crystal of a certain frequency can disrupt the mummies' life generators. Scoop and Low-Light find the crystal on the Dragon Emperor's statue, but the statue comes to life and attacks. Low-Light overcomes his fear and captures the Emperor, who is revealed to be Night Creeper Leader in disguise. Scoop uses the crystal to shut down the mummy army as the real Dragon Emperor appears in the temple with Cobra Commander and Destro as his captives. Scoop returns, rescuing Low-Light from the Dragon Emperor but letting Cobra's leaders go and returning the crystal.

Appearing Cast and Equipment

Featured Characters
Low-Light327 seconds41 linesflying Locust, infiltrating jungle base, guarding Night Creeper Leader, in final scene
Scoop294 seconds44 linesflying Locust over bay, infiltrating jungle base, flying Locust to deactivate mummy army, in final scene
Night Creeper Leader191 seconds21 linesfleeing Joe attack, dismissed by Cobra Cmdr, attacking Joes as Dragon Emperor
Cobra Commander169 seconds13 linesin underwater base, at jungle base, overseeing mummy army, captured by Dragon Emperor
Destro92 seconds6 linesin underwater base, activating warriors at jungle base, overseeing mummy army, captured by Dragon Emperor
Bullhorn69 seconds16 linesin Big Ben's Hammer fighting mummy warriors, ordering evacuation, in final scene
Capt. Krimov68 seconds11 lineshandling communications at Joe base, studying mummy warriors, in Hammer, in final scene
Skydive29 seconds5 linesflying Sky Hawk, monitoring at Joe base, in final scene
Background Characters
Big Ben17 seconds(silent)rounding up captured Cobras, driving Hammer against mummy warriors at beginning of battle
Rampart14 seconds(silent)flying Retaliator to save house from landslide, driving Hammer in later parts of battle
Heavy Duty10 seconds(silent)rounding up captured Cobras, fighting mummy army
Topside7 seconds(silent)briefly seen in Hammer where Rampart was seated in previous and subsequent shots
Troops Appearing
Night Creeper118 seconds parachuting from Hurricanes, captured; uniform used for mummy warriors
Range-Viper24 seconds1 lineguarding Cobra's jungle base, driving Rage with army, fleeing warriors, firing from Avalanche
Orangeshirt12 seconds rounding up Cobras (colored green in one shot), guarding captured jungle base
Vehicles Appearing
Hammer84 seconds used to defend against mummy army, parked at captured jungle base
Locust67 seconds used to search for Cobra base, parked at jungle base, used to deactivate mummy army
Rage26 seconds parked at jungle base, used alongside mummy army
Retaliator19 seconds used to save house from landslide
Sky Hawk (SP)18 seconds used to search for Cobra base
Avalanche12 seconds several used to stop landslide, among Cobra vehicles attacking Joes
Dominator11 seconds used to evacuate underwater base
H.I.S.S. II11 seconds parked at jungle base, used alongside mummy army
Hurricane V.T.O.L.11 seconds shot down over underwater base
Non-Toy Characters: Dragon Emperor, ghost girl

Misc. Notes

  • On the DVDs from Shout! Factory, this episode is included in the Series 2, Season 1 set (Disc 3, Episode 4)
  • Cobra is seen firing from a G.I. Joe Avalanche late in the battle, but it may have been captured following the evacuation of the Joe outpost earlier in the episode.