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Cover Girl

(aka Agent Courtney Krieger)

File Name: Courtney A. Krieger of Peoria, Illinois.
Grades: Army Sp-4 (1983); E-4 (2006)
SNs: RA973244860; 973-24-CK44
Notes: Peoria is in the central part of the state, about 75 miles north of Springfield.

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alphabetical: Colonel Courage<< Cover Girl >>Crankcase


Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Liz Aubrey411,513 seconds133965

Notes: In the first miniseries only, Cover Girl wore a green jacket and pants and had long, blond hair. Thereafter, she had her 1983 outfit, with hair ranging from brick red to burnt orange, and her boots were sometimes black. Early ads for Marvel comics and her brief appearances in G.I. Joe: The Movie gave her longer hair.


A Real American Hero Opening3 seconds(silent)driving Wolverine in base assault, in final pose
A Real American Hero, Part 26 seconds1 lineassisting Doc in transporting injured Duke
A Real American Hero, Part 338 seconds2 linesassisting Dr. Vandermeer, meeting Snake Eyes in Wolverine
A Real American Hero, Part 437 seconds3 linesusing V.A.M.P. to remove bomb from HQ
A Real American Hero, Part 553 seconds(silent)greeting Joes with meteorite, at HQ, in Wolverine during assault, cheering
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 119 seconds(silent)driving Wolverine in convoy, at HQ during broadcast
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 28 seconds1 lineat Doc's demonstration
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 521 seconds(silent)at HQ when Zartan's hideout found, driving Wolverine against Cobra temple
Cobra's Creatures6 seconds(silent)watching jump test
The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 11 second(silent)at Joe HQ during satellite attack (17:27)
The Pyramid of Darkness, Part 534 seconds(silent)at Joe HQ when Shipwreck returns, part of attack on Cobra base
Battle for the Train of Gold75 seconds5 linesin Wolverine outside Bureau of Engraving; at Fort Knox; chasing train on horseback
Lights! Camera! Cobra!183 seconds23 linesJoe consultant on set, in Silver Mirage and Trubble Bubble, leading hostage exchange, at premiere
The Phantom Brigade107 seconds8 linesin convoy defending factory; in Dragonfly with Wild Bill pursuing ghost plane; present at burial
Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 153 seconds5 linesrepairing Armadillo; reporting shortage of parts; in Wolverine to rescue Duke at HQ
Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 259 seconds2 linesat briefing, disguised as civilian to steal fuel trucks, attacking island base
Spell of the Siren97 seconds4 linesin Polar Battle Bear at pipeline; defending Joe HQ; in Silver Mirage to attack hideout; in final scene
Twenty Questions119 seconds14 linesat maneuvers; watching Spider-Man in rec room; in Dragonfly leading search party
The Viper Is Coming4 seconds(silent)fighting Cobra at West Point
Where the Reptiles Roam45 seconds5 linesdriving R.A.M. to pick up Alpine's team, driving Wolverine against ranch hideout
Lasers in the Night13 seconds(silent)at briefing on theft of the guidance system
The Germ73 seconds9 linesin Flint's convoy with Shipwreck
The Traitor, Part 117 seconds(silent)at briefing and Dusty's trial
Cobra Quake2 seconds(silent)standing guard outside economic summit (5:38-39)
Cobra CLAWs Are Coming to Town233 seconds31 linesdriving an A.W.E. Striker, at HQ on Christmas, captured, flying a Rattler
Hearts and Cannons29 seconds4 linesin Joe plane jettisoning weight; reporting Dusty and Footloose missing
The Wrong Stuff24 seconds(silent)space training
The Pit of Vipers4 seconds(silent)driving A.W.E. Striker with Flint's team in Everglades
Cold Slither81 seconds11 linesin A.W.E. Striker leading vault raid, disguised as rock fan, backup vocals
Season 2 Opening (Sunbow)1 second(silent)storming the beach (0:06)
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 25 seconds(silent)on cargo plane over Paris
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 31 second(silent)seen at tomb of Genghis Khan (17:54)
Last Hour to Doomsday4 seconds(silent)at Joe HQ during Cobra broadcast
Sink the Montana22 seconds(silent)opening Constitution's sails; fighting on U.S.S. Montana; on Constitution after battle
The Million Dollar Medic10 seconds1 lineshooting and driving Armadillo to defend Joe HQ
Once Upon a Joe2 seconds(silent)helping rebuild orphanage (7:18-19)
Glamour Girls0 seconds4 linesdisguised as fashion model Alanna to investigate (never seen out of disguise)
Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep10 seconds(silent)in mess hall eating with Scarlett and Gung-Ho
G.I. Joe: The Movie Opening3 seconds(silent)emerging from Liberty's crown, fighting Vipers on the ground
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 45 seconds(silent)in A.W.E. Striker during lab battle
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 56 seconds(silent)charging toward palace

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Cover Girl was discernible in 112 panels in 21 issues from Oct. 1983 to Jun. 1994: #16, 17, 19, 22, 23, 33, Yearbook 1, 38, 39, Yearbook 2, 49, 52, Order of Battle 1, 68, 78, 79, 82, SM 24, 90, SM 27, and 149.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1983 (Wolverine) 2. 2006 (Comic DD#16)  
Version 1: spring 1983 boxed Armored Missile Vehicle Wolverine vehicle
Wolverine DriverMOS 1: Armor [19B]
MOS 2: AFV Mechanics [prob. 63H]
  • head: Cover Girl (83)
  • arms: Cover Girl (83)
  • torso: Cover Girl (83)
  • waist: Cover Girl (83)
  • legs: Cover Girl (83)
Accessories: none
Cover Girl was a high fashion model in Chicago and New York prior to enlistment. Grew disillusioned with modeling and enlisted to "put new direction" in her life. Attended Armor School at Fort Knox and related tech schools. Proficient in diesel mechanics, gas turbine technology. Qualified Expert: LAW rocket, Dragon A/T Missile, M-16 and M-1911A auto pistol.
Cover Girl finds that she must work against her beauty to prove herself. She's compelled to learn and master decidedly unfeminine disciplines. Her self-assurance and stunning good looks reduce most men to stuttering fools.
Toy Notes: The only female vehicle-exclusive figure prior to 1998. Item #6048.
Version 2: 2006 Wave 1 comic three-pack assortment
Armored Vehicle Expert
Agent Courtney Krieger
MOS 1: Armor [19B]
MOS 2: Armored Fighting Vehicle Mechanic [prob. 63H]
  • head: Agent Courtney Krieger (06)
  • arms: Agent Courtney Krieger (06)
  • torso: Agent Courtney Krieger (06)
  • waist: Agent Courtney Krieger (06)
  • legs: Agent Courtney Krieger (06)
Accessories: black pistol (03 Beachhead's), light brown sleeveless coat with cream fur lining (new).
AGENT KRIEGER was a cover girl and fashion model in Chicago and New York prior to enlistment. She grew disillusioned with the shallow world of modeling and joined the military to take her life in a more meaningful direction. Now instead of being swathed in silk, she is covered in grease, and couldn't be happier. She is proficient in diesel mechanics and gas turbine technology, and can perform diagnostics, maintenance, and repair on any AFV that rolls into the vehicle bay, as well as fabricate new parts from scrap metal in the field. This glamour girl turned grease monkey is totally in her element talking about compression ratios and internal combustion over donuts and coffee. The only time she needs a stiletto heel is to loosen a rusty lug nut.
"People realize I'm more than just a pretty face when they bring in a busted up vehicle and I give it back to them running smoothly and ready for battle."
Toy Notes: Carded in a three-pack with Spirit Iron-Knife, Hannibal: Reborn, and a reprint of Devil's Due #16. Item #13023. This figure is considered a high-demand item.