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(aka Cobra Interrogator)

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alphabetical: Inferno B.A.T.<< Interrogator >>Iron Anvil


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Unknown8136 seconds10141

Notes: DiC's Interrogator wore the 1991 outfit, with red extending beyond his visor onto the helmet itself.


Kindergarten Commandos7 seconds(silent)driving Earthquake among reinforcements
Long Live Rock and Roll Part I92 seconds10 linessupervising Billy and kidnapped scientists
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II6 seconds(silent)with Maj. Bludd as he checks in with Billy, running from exploding Cobra base
The Greatest Evil Part I7 seconds(silent)watching as Metal-Head's missiles go off, paired with Scarlett, on Headman's viewscreen
The Greatest Evil Part II2 seconds(silent)fighting at distribution center (3:30-31)
Shadow of a Doubt9 seconds generics in Battle Copters; colored as Headhunters, then yellow and red
Cobra World5 seconds three copies among Cobras cornered in tunnels, one more surrendering outside
The Legend of Metal-Head8 seconds seen in flashback

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

To my knowledge, Interrogator did not appear in the vintage comic.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1991 (Battle Copter) 2. 1993 (Mail) 3. 2006 (Viper Lockdown)
Version 1: spring 1991 boxed Cobra Battle Copter vehicle
Cobra Battle Copter Pilot
  • head: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • arms: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • torso: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • waist: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • legs: Interrogator (91, 93)
Accessories: black machine gun/grappling gun with top-mounted magazine (new).
His past is shrouded in mystery. Was he the notorious former head of security for a deposed Third World dictator? A renegade clinical psychologist? Or an IRS investigator? Nobody knows for sure, but what they do know is that INTERROGATOR can siphon information out of even the most obstinate prisoner simply by TALKING to him. Not only is he known for his intimidating interrogation techniques, but he's also an impeccable copter pilot. He can fly through a Siberian blizzard with his eyes closed and still arrive at Cobra headquarters ahead of schedule.
"We think Interrogator has a voice modulator/synthesizer built into his helmet that works in conjunction with a trance inducing LED display. His subjects listen to his soothing baritone voice, stare at the flashing lights, and before they know it, they're spilling secrets. We suspect that he also uses such sophisticated 'toys' as a stress analyst, a retinal dilation sensor, and other instruments that would add up to a reliable lie detector of sorts."
Toy Notes: Item #6325.
Version 2: fall 1993 mail-order Battle Copter Pilots set
[joint filecard for both figures; no MOS listed]
  • head: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • arms: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • torso: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • waist: Interrogator (91, 93)
  • legs: Interrogator (91, 93)
Accessories: light grey knife (87 Steam-Roller's).
With the fall of the Berlin Wall and the steady decline of communism around the world, one would think that the skies over Eastern Europe were safe for commercial air travel: think again! Cobra Battle Copters have taken advantage of the current situation and are trying to claim the European skies for themselves! They are attempting to disrupt the flow of peaceful air traffic, a problem with disastrous potential. Leading Cobra's air assault is the notorious INTERROGATOR, an ace Battle Copter pilot whose past is clouded in mystery. To counter the Cobra copters and eliminate them from the skies, G.I. Joe has sent their own squadron of Battle Copters led by MAJOR ALTITUDE, one of the most skilled and determined pilots in the world. Interrogator claims that he can't be shot down, but Major Altitude vows to drop him like a bad habit!
Toy Notes: Exclusive to the mail offer Terrifying Lasers of Destruction, along with Major Altitude. This is considered a high-demand figure.
Version 3: January 2006 Viper Lockdown carded set
COBRA Interrogation Specialist
Cobra Interrogator
  • head: Cobra Interrogator (06)
  • arms: Crimson Guard (05/II), Cobra Interrogator (06)
  • torso: CLAWS Commander (03), Tomax (03), Xamot (03), Crimson Guard (05/II), Cobra Interrogator (06)
  • waist: CLAWS Commander (03), Tomax (03), Xamot (03), Crimson Guard (05/II), Cobra Interrogator (06)
  • legs: CLAWS Commander (03), Tomax (03), Xamot (03), Crimson Guard (05/II), Cobra Interrogator (06)
Accessories: black pistol (03 Beachhead's), black knife (91 Low-Light's), black figure stand (common).
The chillingly effective interrogator for the COBRA organization has a past that is shrouded in mystery. Is he the former head of security for a deposed dictator? A demented psychiatric physician? An IRS investigator? Whatever his credentials, he is a master at extracting information from prisoners. And he can usually break them by simply talking to them. With a soothing voice that lulls captors into a trance, the careful application of logic and reason, and just a hint of sympathy, the COBRA INTERROGATOR soon has the information he needs. Of course, a prisoner sometimes chooses not to cooperate. That's when the interrogator calls in COBRA VIPER GUARDS to help change the captor's mind with some physical inducements.
"Of course I could simply hurt them until they talk. But it's so much more amusing to twist their minds until all they want to do is tell me every single secret they know."
Toy Notes: Carded in a Direct-to-Consumer/Toys 'R Us-exclusive set with G.I. Joe, G.I. Jane, and three copies of Cobra Viper Guard. Item #13408.