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(aka Alex "Sparks" Verdi)

File Name: Alessandro D. Verdi of Carcare, Italy.
Grade: Army E-5 (2007)
SN: none listed on filecard
Notes: Carcare is in the northwest part of the country, about 30 miles west of Genoa.

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Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Gregg Berger5169 seconds18240

The character Sparks originated in the Sunbow series, where he wore a light green helmet similar to Crankcase's (usually with headset), a light green shirt with chest pockets, dark green pants, a backpack with two antennas on the left side, and a brown U-shaped harness. By the second season, Sparks had retired from G.I. Joe and was working at a television station.


The Revenge of Cobra, Part 123 seconds2 linestracing Cobra's broadcast
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 213 seconds2 lineswith Breaker receiving Snake Eyes' message
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 52 seconds(silent)at Cobra temple for last Dominator use (19:04-05)
Cobra Stops the World95 seconds10 linesmanaging communications at Joe HQ, building scanner to trace Cobra
Grey Hairs and Growing Pains36 seconds4 linesretired, helping Flint and Lady Jaye research Ageless Care

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 2007 (Convention)    
Version 1: late September 2007 Tanks for the Memories boxed set
Communications Expert
Alex "Sparks" Verdi
MOS 1: Telecommunications Operator
MOS 2: Electronic Warfare/Cryptologic Operations Specialist [98X]
  • head: Breaker (05), Sparks (07)
  • arms: Dial-Tone (86/I, 86/II, 90, 00, 02, 03), Dusty (02/I), Sparks (07)
  • torso: Stalker (82, 97, 04/II, 05/I), Breaker (82, 05), Snake Eyes (82, 97/I, 97/II, 03/I, 03/II, 04/IV, 05/IV), Grunt (82, 83, 97), Hawk (82, 04/I), Zap (04), Infantry Division (05/I, 05/II, 05/III, 05/IV), Cobra Mortal (06), Sparks (07)
  • waist: Dial-Tone (86/I, 86/II, 90, 00, 02, 03), Crossfire (01), Sparks (07)
  • legs: Dial-Tone (86/I, 86/II, 90, 00, 02, 03), Crossfire (01), Sparks (07)
Accessories: dark grey pistol (90 Skydive's), tan helmet (05 Breaker's), green backpack (90 Stretcher's), black radio mic (90 Stretcher's), black antenna (90 Stretcher's), medium-length black hose (common), clear figure stand (common).
SPARKS was originally recruited for the G.I. JOE support staff by GENERAL FLAGG and served as a radio operator and computer expert in the early days of the team. Unfortunately he saw little field action, and unofficially "retired" to freelance work in the media industry. But his skills were so uncanny and his loyalty so strong that he soon returned, working as a liaison to Military Intelligence and the Generals in Operations. While he serves many vital functions, his specialty is operating so-called "secret numbers stations," sending short wave radio transmissions to covert operatives throughout the free world in English, Spanish, German, French, and Slavic languages in a variety of electronically altered voices.
SPARKS also serves as the personal advisor to GENERAL COLTON, leader of the G.I. JOE team. It was this chief of staff that recommended SPARKS keep his field skills sharp, and join LT. STEELER on a cold weather training mission in the mountains of Colorado. As part of the exercises, his job will be transporting the field radio and working closely with the Tank Commander. He may not have the combat skills, but his dedication to the team is without limits. If COBRA shows up, this may be an adventure he never forgets.
"Cracking COBRA defenses is just like cracking a computer code—it requires patience and persistence!"
Toy Notes: Boxed in a Convention-exclusive set with Sparks, G.I. Joe Doc, Clutch, Sgt. Flash, Zap, Grunt, Rock 'n Roll, Lt. Clay Moore, Night Stalker Commander, and two copies each of all three versions of Night Stalkers Shock Trooper.