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File Name: Richard Renwick of South Bend, Indiana.
Grade: Army E-7 (1987-1991)
SNs: 439-67-9256; 439-6792-QS56
Notes: South Bend is in the north central part of the state, near the border with Michigan about 65 miles east of Gary.

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Animated Appearances

Dodger was animated only for commercials.

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Dodger was discernible in 30 panels in 4 issues from Feb. 1988 to Nov. 1992: #68, 81, 113, and 130.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1987 (Battle Force 2000) 2. 1990 (Sonic Fighters)  
Version 1: fall 1987 Battle Force 2000 carded figure assortment
Marauder Motorcycle DriverMOS 1: Armored Vehicle Maintenance
MOS 2: Electronics Maintenance [prob. 94W]
  • head: Dodger (87, 90)
  • arms: Dodger (87, 90)
  • torso: Dodger (87, 90)
  • waist: Dodger (87, 90)
  • legs: Dodger (87, 90)
Accessories: silver "ultra-sonic photon rifle" with spiked knuckle guard (new), silver square headset with long mic (new).
The modern armored, fighting vehicle operator has access to a varied array of high tech driving aids and Dodger is well versed in the use of all of them, including the holographic night-vision goggles (holographic lens system combined with phosphorus image intensifying tube), thermal-imaging range finders, noncoherent pulse Doppler radars, and computer-driven, multimode situation displays.
"This guy was driving tracked vehicles before they had any of these fancy new gadgets. If he has to, he unbuttons the hatch, sticks his face in the wind, and steers by instinct and guts. Sure, he's an expert with all the new hardware, but who knows if it's all going to work when the chips are down? Dodger isn't dependent on them, and that makes him somebody you can depend on..."
Variations: The thickness of Dodger's rifle grip could vary.
Toy Notes: The release of BF2000 single cards was not as widespread as the later two-packs. Item #6504.
Reissues: Carded in winter 1988 in a two-pack with Knockdown. Item #6524.
Version 2: fall 1990 Sonic Fighters premium carded figure assortment
Heavy Ordnance OperatorMOS 1: Laser Demolitions
MOS 2: Electronics Maintenance [prob. 94W]
  • head: Dodger (87, 90)
  • arms: Dodger (87, 90)
  • torso: Dodger (87, 90)
  • waist: Dodger (87, 90)
  • legs: Dodger (87, 90)
Accessories: black submachine gun (88 Voltar's), black speargun (89 Deep Six's), black rifle (89 Dee-Jay's), black rifle (87 Dodger's), dark green sonic backpack with comm station and large antenna (new).
DODGER's been fascinated with lasers ever since he went to a local science fair and watched a one inch laser beam slice through six feet of concrete like it was Swiss cheese. It was just a matter of time before he was using thermal imaging range finders, noncoherent pulse Doppler radars, computer driven, multi-mode situational displays, and a host of equally sophisticated high-tech equipment. With his invaluable field experience using laser-guided weapons, Dodger is now part of the Sonic Fighters.
"Once Dodger sets his laser targeting sight on an advancing front line, he's got about thirty seconds to lock in, fire the round, and hit the dirt. And when that blast impacts, he's got about three seconds before it starts raining shrapnel. Why else would they call him 'Dodger'?"
Assigned Armaments: M-A2 SAW [Squad Automatic Weapon] 5.566mm Machine Gun, 9m m Beretta Auto Pistol, Long Range Thermal Intensifying GPLW [General Purpose Laser Weapon], Short Burst Laser Pistol
Weapons Qualification: Sharpshooter
Variations: Some backpacks had a raised edge around the buttons.
Toy Notes: Item #6314. The prototype shown in the 1991 insert catalog had a black recolor of version 1's headset.