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File Name: Stephen A. Ferreira of Providence, Rhode Island.
Grade: Army E-5 (1990); E-6 (2008)
SN: 780-5287-FR33
Notes: Providence, the state capital, is located at the mouth of the Providence River. Ace, Dee-Jay, Dogfight, Ice Cream Soldier, Skystriker, and Major Storm also come from Providence. Hasbro's headquarters is in nearby Pawtucket, which is why so many Joes come from this state. The 2008 filecard spells the first name Stephan.

chronological: Stretcher<< Bullhorn >>Pathfinder
alphabetical: Bullet-Proof<< Bullhorn >>Burn Out


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
David Wills221,205 seconds1111,035

DiC's Bullhorn wore the 1990 outfit. His gas mask was occasionally seen clipped to his belt.


Season 1 Opening (DiC)3 seconds(silent)in footage from DiC season 1, in final pose
United We Stand73 seconds4 linesseeking Cobra lab, watching Cobra's broadcast, flying Retaliator, storming rocket base
Revenge of the Pharaohs139 seconds15 linesat museum during theft, at Joe camp, negotiating with Cobra, with Hawk at canyon, in Retaliator
Granny Dearest17 seconds(silent)stationed on train, in Retaliator, with assembled troops, in General missile turret
Victory at Volcania Part 1169 seconds21 lineson fishing boat, captured by Cobra, slave labor at volcano, escaping in Rage
Victory at Volcania Part 2173 seconds19 linesat airfield, driving Hammer, in General, scaling volcano, entering through cave, stealing Rage
The Nozone Conspiracy101 seconds8 linesat base reporting theft, at Joe HQ
Pigskin Commandos63 seconds7 linesat Joe HQ, playing football, driving MBB, on shore after battle
Injustice and the Cobra Way41 seconds1 linein National Archives battle
Night of the Creepers69 seconds16 linesin Big Ben's Hammer fighting mummy warriors, ordering evacuation
That's Entertainment5 seconds(silent)at lunch at HQ
I Found You...Evy6 seconds(silent)in General at mobile base
El Dorado – The Lost City of Gold16 seconds(silent)at Joe HQ
Kindergarten Commandos12 seconds(silent)driving Badger, outfit used for generic Cobras driving reinforcement vehicles
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II1 second(silent)flying a Glider into battle (2:40)
The Sludge Factor Part II45 seconds(silent)flying Battle Copter in junkyard, deploying radio-controlled Gliders
The Greatest Evil Part I5 seconds(silent)at Joe/Cobra briefing, in Battle Cycle along with two generics
A Is for Android191 seconds17 lineswith Adam at HQ, on parade ground, driving Brawler to defend HQ
Shadow of a Doubt7 seconds2 linesusing smokescreen to mask Fort Americas
Keyboard Warriors2 seconds(silent)at Locusts during Alpha Charlie attack (7:06-07)
Basic Training63 seconds1 lineseen in flashback

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

To my knowledge, Bullhorn did not appear in the vintage comic.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1990 2. 2008 (Convention)  
Version 1: spring 1990 regular carded figure assortment
Intervention SpecialistMOS 1: Intervention Specialist
MOS 2: Armor
  • head: Bullhorn (90, 08)
  • arms: Bullhorn (90)
  • torso: Bullhorn (90, 08)
  • waist: Bullhorn (90), Bazooka (93)
  • legs: Bullhorn (90), Bazooka (93)
Accessories: black three-piece riot shotgun (new), black Steyr AUG assault rifle with long scope (new), black gas mask with silver face shield (new), large dark grey backpack to store shotgun (new), brown-grey megaphone/gas gun with detachable square horn (new).
BULLHORN is an extremely calm individual, possessing an open and compassionate personality. He's exactly the type of person needed to negotiate with wackos and fanatics who have an axe to grind with society. Of course, that same steely coolness also comes in handy when he is forced to take decisive action that requires an accurate and lethal delivery of firepower!
"Everyone is willing to talk to Bullhorn! And why shouldn't they be? He has the looks of a choirboy and is a good listener. This guy has more finesse than the slickest diplomat, using it to convince his adversaries that he actually CARES about their problems. That's when they discover the folly of messing with a former hand-to-hand combat instructor from Quantico who is also a contender for the national practical pistol title!"
Toy Notes: Featured in 1990's first new figures commercial. Item #6576.
Version 2: late June 2008 special Convention-release S.W.A.T. R.T.V. vehicle
S.W.A.T. Vehicle DriverMOS 1: Tactical Intervention Specialist
MOS 2: Motor Transport Operator [88M]
  • head: Bullhorn (90, 08)
  • upper arms: Shockwave (92), Sure Fire (01, 02), Bullhorn (08)
  • lower arms: Shockwave (92), Sure Fire (01, 02), Agent Faces (03/II), Crimson Guard (04/I, 04/II, 04/III, 05/I), Crimson Shadow Guard (05), Bullhorn (08)
  • torso: Bullhorn (90, 08)
  • waist: Shockwave (92), Sure Fire (01, 02), Bullhorn (08)
  • legs: Shockwave (92), Sure Fire (01, 02), Bullhorn (08)
Accessories: dark grey shotgun (90 Bullhorn's), dark grey rifle (90 Bullhorn's), black backpack with "SWAT" in white (90 Bullhorn's), dark grey megaphone with horn (90 Bullhorn's), clear figure stand (common).
BULLHORN is the crisis negotiator and tactical intervention specialist for the G.I. JOE Special Weapons and Tactics team. Prior to enlistment, he was a Practical Shooting Champion and hand-to-hand combat instructor at the F.B.I. Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Although a highly skilled fighter, he is an extremely calm individual, possessing an open and compassionate personality. This makes him exactly the type of person needed to negotiate with psychopaths and fanatics who have an axe to grind with society. Of course, that same steely coolness also comes in handy when he is forced to take decisive action that requires an accurate and lethal delivery of firepower!
BULLHORN's primary function is to resolve high-risk situations with a minimum loss of life, injury, or property damage, by neutralizing threats that are a clear and present danger. He is usually able to defuse a situation through verbal communication, but even with a completely unreasonable target he is often able to finesse them enough to let their guard down—just long enough for a sharpshooter or assault team to disarm the threat. On the flip side, he gets completely wild behind the wheel of his assigned S.W.A.T. vehicle, a necessity if he wants to get to the area of operations before the shooting starts. But, what good are negotiation skills against an adversary that does not reason, but is programmed?
"They say talk is cheap, but I can make it worth your life!"
Toy Notes: Included with an exclusive recolor of the Hammer at the S.W.A.T./Headhunters-themed 2008 convention. This figure is considered a high-demand item.