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File Name: Clifton L. Nash of Brownsville, Texas.
Grades: Army E-5 (1986-1993); E-6 (1997)
various SNs: 271-65-5660; 1800-BRR-93; RA 271-65-5660
Notes: Brownsville is the state's southernmost city, near the Gulf of Mexico about 160 miles south of Corpus Christi. Iceberg was also the name of an Autobot first released in 2003 as part of the Adventure Mini-Con team.

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alphabetical: Ice Viper<< Iceberg >>Iguanus


Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Arthur Burghardt16795 seconds67502

Sunbow's Iceberg wore his 1986 outfit, but his vest was white instead of light blue, and he had a white pistol in a green holster rather than vice-versa. Iceberg dated the character Mahiya Windigos, and his file name and birthplace were mentioned in the episode Iceberg Goes South. In a few stray camera shots, Iceberg was erroneously colored as a Caucasian.


Season 2 Opening (Sunbow)6 seconds(silent)scaling Terror Drome, in final pose
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 117 seconds(silent)left field in ball game; on night-time run; at briefing on Dreadnoks
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 226 seconds2 linesguarding tomb of Ivan the Terrible
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 319 seconds1 linedefending tomb of Ivan the Terrible
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 417 seconds1 lineone of volunteers sent to Cobra Island
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 56 seconds(silent)assaulting Terror Drome command center
Computer Complications20 seconds4 linesguarding Joe HQ; playing cards at diner; misdirected by Mainframe during HQ attack
The Million Dollar Medic35 seconds2 linescausing avalanche to drive off Cobra attack on Van Mark cabin
Iceberg Goes South274 seconds33 lineson arctic survival mission; idnapped and turned into killer whale
Nightmare Assault181 seconds12 linesdying in Lifeline's dream; at drive-in; in gym; at breakfast; in final dream
Joe's Night Out4 seconds(silent)witnessing Club Open Air's liftoff
Second-Hand Emotions121 seconds10 linesat wedding; affected by mood organ; pinned under jeep
Into Your Tent I Will Silently Creep33 seconds(silent)in H.A.V.O.C. fighting Tele-Vipers, at briefing on Cross-Country's disappearance
G.I. Joe: The Movie Opening4 seconds(silent)fighting alongside Beach Head, in final pose
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 26 seconds1 linejoining Flint's search party
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 526 seconds1 linewith search party; infiltrating ice dome with Rawhides; with Joes just before explosion

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Iceberg was discernible in 66 panels in 7 issues from Dec. 1986 to Mar. 1989: Order of Battle 1, #68, 72, SM 14, SM 15, SM 18, and SM 19.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1986 2. 1993 (Battle Corps) 3. 1997 (3-Pack)
Version 1: spring 1986 regular carded figure assortment
Snow TrooperMOS 1: Infantry [11B]
MOS 2: Cold Weather Survival Instructor
  • head: Iceberg (86, 97)
  • arms: Iceberg (86, 97)
  • torso: Iceberg (86, 97)
  • waist: Iceberg (86, 97), Starduster (87 C)
  • legs: Iceberg (86, 97)
Carded Accessories: white M60E3 machine gun with long grip (new).
Mail Accessories: cream rifle (90 Rock-Viper's).
Iceberg hates hot weather. In Brownsville in the summer, you can spit on the sidewalk and watch it sizzle. While other kids saved up for bicycles, Iceberg saved up for an air conditioner. When he was old enough to enlist, he signed up and asked for duty in Alaska. He had found his element. Qualified expert: M-16A2, M-79, M-60, and M-1911A1.
"We have plenty of cold weather specialists that can stand the cold well enough but very few that like it. Iceberg's just not happy until the mercury dips below zero. This is not to say he's unaware of the dangers of cold weather or that he is impervious to the lethal effects of hypothermia. Rather, his love for ultra-cold climates has forced him to learn every aspect of arctic survival."
Toy Notes: Item #6466. The prototype shown in the 1986 insert catalog had more blue on his chest area.
Reissues: Reissued in the fall 1992 mail offer Terror on the Tundra.
Version 2: winter 1993 Battle Corps Wave 1 carded figure assortment, #3
Arctic Assault TrooperMOS 1: Cold Weather Survival Instructor
MOS 2: Mudbuster Driver
  • head: Iceberg (93)
  • arms: Iceberg (93)
  • torso: Iceberg (93)
  • waist: Iceberg (93)
  • legs: Iceberg (93)
Accessories: white pistol (88 Blizzard's), white machine gun (88 Blizzard's), green spring missile launcher with shoulder notch and long handle, with white trigger (new), two white spring missiles with thick medium-sized tip with subtle rings (new), white knife (88 Hit & Run's), white machete (88 Muskrat's), white snowboard with G.I. Joe logo facing left or right (new).
ICEBERG is one of the best cold weather specialists on the planet. Not just because he has the knowledge and ability to endure freezing temperatures, but because he actually ENJOYS the bitter cold and survives it with a smile even in the chill of battle. He loves to thrash Cobra (and the mountain slopes) on his jet-powered snowboard and he knows everything about arctic survival, including fortifying his own igloo by hacking and shaping huge blocks of ice with his razor-edged machete.
Motto: "Just give me an M-16 and a sharp icicle and I'll fight 'till I freeze!"
Toy Notes: Item #6863. Iceberg must go through a lot of machetes if he's using them on ice.
Version 3: fall 1997 figure three-pack assortment
Arctic Assault TrooperMOS 1: Infantry [11B]
MOS 2: Cold Weather Survival Instructor
  • head: Iceberg (86, 97)
  • arms: Iceberg (86, 97)
  • torso: Iceberg (86, 97)
  • waist: Iceberg (86, 97), Starduster (87 C)
  • legs: Iceberg (86, 97)
Accessories: black machine gun (86 Iceberg's), black figure stand (common).
Iceberg grew up in hot weather, and he hated it. As soon as he was old enough to enlist, he signed up for duty in Alaska. The cold is his element - he's not happy until the mercury drops well below zero. Iceberg possesses both the knowledge and ability to endure freezing temperatures. This is not to say he's impervious to lethal effects of hypothermia, rather a passion for the survival within the element. Give him an M-16 rifle and an icicle and you'll have an igloo full of COBRA prisoners within the hour. He repects the cold, and uses it to his advantage. When the G.I. Joe program re-organized, Iceberg returned as a member of the Arctic Unit. He's an instructor that loves his job. He's always cool - in more ways than one.
From General Hawk's Files: "If I have a mission that requires cold weather involvement, odds are Iceberg will volunteer for it. This guy loves the cold, and everything about it. His knowledge and survival skills give him the advantage. He's more happy to climb a mountain, build his own igloo, and fish for his dinner. It's like summer camp in the winter for him. He knows what it takes, and always gets results."
Motto: "I like my food like my enemies - Frozen!"
Toy Notes: Carded in a Toys 'R Us-exclusive Arctic Mission Team three-pack with Blizzard and Snow Job. Item #28014.