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Ice Viper

(aka Ice-Viper)

Note: The 2007 filecard gives a file name of Charles L. Mehtal and birthplace of "United States" for the individual described in the text.

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Animated Appearances

Ice Vipers were animated only for commercials.

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Ice Vipers were discernible in 15 panels in 2 issues from Feb. 1988 to Apr. 1989: #68 and SM 20.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1987 (W.O.L.F.) 2. 2007 (Flaming M.O.T.H.)  
Version 1: spring 1987 boxed Cobra W.O.L.F. vehicle
Cobra W.O.L.F. Driver
  • head: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • arms: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • torso: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • waist: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • legs: Ice Viper (87, 07)
Accessories: two silver sai, fitting onto boot (new), dark grey tall flared helmet with engraved goggles (new).
Ice Vipers are the mechanized branch of the Snow Serpents, both of which must first qualify as Cobra Eels (Cobra frogmen). They must take the additional training of Techno-Vipers and be prepared to service and repair their own vehicles in hostile Arctic environments. Ice Vipers are fed a special high-fat diet to help retain body heat and have their faces depilated to prevent frost from their breath icing up their beards.
"When it's 40 degrees below zero on the tundra and everybody is buttoned up tight in their shelter because an ice storm is blowing in from the north, that's when you have to worry about the Ice Vipers sneaking up on you. Out there in the big whiteness, there isn't any place to hide. Whoever bundles up first because he figures it's too cold to fight, loses!"
Toy Notes: Item #6039. The prototype shown in the 1987 insert catalog has a differently molded head and a squatter helmet.
Version 2: March 2007 Operation Flaming M.O.T.H. figure two-pack assortment, #4
Cobra Arctic Technician, Operation Flaming M.O.T.H.
MOS 1: Arctic Operations
MOS 2: Transportation
  • head: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • arms: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • torso: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • waist: Ice Viper (87, 07)
  • legs: Ice Viper (87, 07)
Accessories: black rifle (92 Big Bear's), two silver sai (87 Ice Viper's), white helmet with white goggles, with black strap and gold lenses (87 Ice Viper's), black pair of ice shoes (88 Blizzard's).
ICE-VIPERS are the mechanized branch of COBRA's polar assault troops, specially trained to operate, service, and repair the fleet of various cold weather vehicles in hostile arctic environments. Because of the likelihood of mechanical weapons freezing, they are further trained in several Martial Arts as well as the use of exotic edged weaponry. Unfortunately, the cold climate causes most of their tools and weapons to freeze in mid-use and otherwise become unusable. Thus, the ICE-VIPERS often end up using their field-issue sais to scrape ice off the frozen parts of their vehicles, as well as battle opposing forces.
This ex-soldier was a born rebel who yearned for something other than his dead-end existence as an auto repair mechanic. He joined various militant groups looking for excitement until he finally found a home in COBRA. His natural talent for driving and maintaining virtually any vehicle led to his being assigned as COBRA COMMANDER's personal driver and bodyguard during arctic operations. He can drive any tracked, articulated, all-terrain, amphibious, & multi-role transport vehicle in even the harshest weather conditions. An expert at navigating normally impassible "black road" conditions, the SNOW SERPENT COMMANDER has chosen him for the final mission of Operation: Flaming M.O.T.H., in a race against time to locate the last component of the military satellite.
I am the wolf and you are the prey...let the hunt begin!"
Toy Notes: Boxed in a Collector's Club-exclusive Arctic Theater two-pack with Snow Serpent Commander.