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File Name: Gregory M. Natale of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
Grades: Army E-7 (1988), E-8 (1997)
SNs: 432-4424-64; RA 432-44-2464
Notes: Wolfeboro (misspelled Wolfboro on filecards) is in the east central part of the state, on the east shore of Lake Winnipesaukee near Rattlesnake Island.

chronological: Super Trooper<< Blizzard >>Iron Grenadier
alphabetical: Blast-Off<< Blizzard >>Blocker


Animated Appearances

To my knowledge, Blizzard was never animated.

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

To my knowledge, Blizzard did not appear in the vintage comic.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1988 2. 1997 (3-pack)  
Version 1: spring 1988 regular carded figure assortment
Arctic Attack SoldierMOS 1: Arctic Warfare Training Instructor
MOS 2: Infantry [11B]
  • head: Blizzard (88), Short-Fuze (05/II)
  • arms: Blizzard (88), Short-Fuze (05/II)
  • torso: Blizzard (88), Short-Fuze (05/II)
  • waist: Blizzard (88), Short-Fuze (05/II)
  • legs: Blizzard (88), Short-Fuze (05/II)
Accessories: white helmet (new, soft plastic with blue-lensed goggles); two black ice shoes (new, spiked); black backpack (new, sled with detachable handles and peg holes); white pistol (new, wrapped); white machine gun (new, wrapped); two skis (new, black)
Blizzard led an experimental security team based at Thule, Greenland for an entire winter. Their objective was to determine what kind of training and conditioning worked best to prepare men for combat in Arctic conditions. They found that training and conditioning had little effect. Only the hardest and meanest men made it through the course, and Blizzard was the hardest and meanest of the bunch.
"The Arctic is totally unforgiving. You make one little mistake, you've had it. The cold makes you tired, and being tired makes you careless, and being careless makes you a statistic. Blizzard doesn't make mistakes and doesn't get careless; he wants to make the other guy the statistic."
Toy Notes: Item #6505.
Version 2: fall 1997 figure three-pack assortment
Arctic Attack SoldierMOS 1: Arctic Warfare Training Instructor
MOS 2: Infantry [11B]
  • head: Frostbite (93), Blizzard (97)
  • arms: Frostbite (93), Blizzard (97)
  • torso: Frostbite (93), Blizzard (97)
  • waist: Frostbite (93), Blizzard (97)
  • legs: Frostbite (93), Blizzard (97)
Accessories: black pistol (82 Snake Eyes's Uzi); black laser rifle (84 Baroness's); black figure stand
Blizzard joined the G.I. Joe team before its closure by the government. His experience as an Arctic Instructor made him the man to train under. To survive his kind of warfare, you not only have to worry about the enemy, but the unforgiving cold weather. Blizzard is as tough as the combat conditions. His methods may seem rough, but the troops either qualify, or face the consequences. His claim to fame was after he led an experimental program that lasted an entire winter. It was the worst place he could find, and he loved every minute of it. He spends more time hanging out with the wildlife, as if he likes the company of polar bears rather than humans. Some might say his personality is a lot nastier. When the G.I. Joe program re-organized, Blizzard formed the Arctic Unit, and hand picked the soldiers he thought deserved to work alongside him. You have to give him respect, and plenty of room for his ego. We are all just happy he is on our side.
From General Hawk's Files: "I compare Blizzard to a polar bear with an attitude problem. He's got the experience, and performs well under the arctic conditions. He doesn't work well with others, but his saving grace is his service record. Give him a mission with extreme circumstances, and he will pull through—no questions asked. We needed somebody tough enough to handle the Arctic Unit, guess who was number one on the list. I may get complaints from his teammates, but they respect him and that's what counts."
Motto: "You got the mission, I got the time."
Toy Notes: Carded in a Toys 'R Us-exclusive Arctic Mission Team three-pack with Iceberg and Snow Job. Item #28014. Card art and preproduction photos indicate that this figure was intended to be a recolor of the 1988 version.