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File Name: Matthew Harris Breckinridge of Louisville, Kentucky.
Grade: Army E-5 (1984)
SN: RA135306694
Notes: Louisville is in the north central portion of the state, on the Ohio River about 75 miles west of Lexington. Louisville owes much of its expansion in the late 1800s to John Breckinridge Castleman, who began his military career in the Confederacy and later served as a brigadier general in the US Army. Airwave is also from Louisville, and Cold Front hails from nearby Fort Knox.

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Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Neil Ross
(Jack Angel in The Most Dangerous Thing in the World)
20566 seconds32201

Sunbow's Thunder wore his 1984 outfit, with a white monocular and headset and a blue-tinted visor. Thunder's file name was mentioned in the episode Captives of Cobra, Part 1.


The Revenge of Cobra Opening4 seconds(silent)driving Slugger into battle
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 14 seconds(silent)driving Slugger in convoy
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 22 seconds(silent)in Slugger during DC battle (11:36, 11:41)
The Revenge of Cobra, Part 510 seconds(silent)driving Slugger against Cobra temple
Battle for the Train of Gold96 seconds11 linesin Wolverine outside Bureau; in Slugger at Fort Knox; chasing train on horseback
Money to Burn122 seconds6 linesplaying poker at HQ; in Silver Mirage; in Slugger against Cobra base
The Phantom Brigade17 seconds2 linesin Slugger defending factory
Synthoid Conspiracy, Part 214 seconds(silent)at briefing, stealing fuel trucks, on Destro's ship
Spell of the Siren19 seconds(silent)entranced at Joe HQ
Twenty Questions8 seconds(silent)watching Spider-Man in rec room
Captives of Cobra, Part 156 seconds4 lineswith father, mother, and sister in Louisville, in Silver Mirage to escort crystals
Captives of Cobra, Part 2141 seconds4 linesin Silver Mirage, diverting family from crystals, assaulting Cobra base
Bazooka Saw a Sea Serpent6 seconds1 linedriving Mauler to attack sea serpent
Cobra Quake21 seconds2 linesdriving Slugger against ambush; standing guard outside economic summit
Excalibur7 seconds(silent)setting up radar system; hit by tidal wave
An Eye for an Eye8 seconds(silent)at HQ when Lady Jaye found missing
Cold Slither6 seconds1 linein A.W.E. Striker to raid vault
Sink the Montana4 seconds(silent)volunteering to steal U.S.S. Constitution
The Most Dangerous Thing in the World20 seconds1 linequestioning Lifeline's order to disarm Maulers during live-fire exercise
G.I. Joe: The Movie, Part 51 second(silent)running during retreat from ice dome (15:51)

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Thunder was discernible in 34 panels in 9 issues from Mar. 1985 to May 1991: Yearbook 1, #51, Order of Battle 2, 59, 76, 108, 109, 110, and 112. He was killed in #109.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1984 (Slugger)  
Version 1: spring 1984 boxed Self-Propelled Cannon (Slugger) vehicle
Fig. #0045: Self-Propelled Gun ArtillerymanMOS 1: Artillery [13B]
MOS 2: Bandsman (Drummer) [42R9M]
  • head: Thunder (84), Skystriker (88), Thunderwing (98)
  • arms: Thunder (84), Thunderwing (98), Cobra Infantry Trooper (04/I, 04/II, 04/III, 04/IV), Cobra Squad Leader (04/I, 04/II), Scrap Iron (04, 05/I), Clutch (07), Zap (07)
  • torso: Thunder (84), Thunderwing (98)
  • waist: Thunder (84), Thunderwing (98)
  • legs: Thunder (84), Thunderwing (98)
Accessories: light green helmet (82 Short-Fuze's, shade varies), light green headphones with antennas (new), black visor with notch for nose (new), smooth black monocular with strap (new).
Thunder grew up next door to a foundry. A probable explanation of his fondness for loud noises. When asked his reasons for going artillery, his reply was simply, "I want to hear them go bang." He has a passion for heavy metal rock and roll, peanut brittle and cars with bad mufflers.
"If you know where you are and you know where the enemy is, then artillery can be an exact science. But in the real world, artillery is half trigonometry and half blind luck. In other words, if you hit something, take the credit. If you miss, write it off as margin of error."
Toy Notes: Item #6056.
Reissues: Reissued in mail offers 1987-1988 and 1992 (Chilling Events, Operation Blackout, End of Slaughter, Top Secret, and Mission Rescue: Code Blue). He is mistakenly pictured as part of the vehicle drivers set in the spring 1989 mail offer Operation Deep Six. The intended figure is Steeler.