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Road Pig

(aka Dreadnok Road Pig)

File Name: Donald DeLuca of Goblu, Michigan.
Notes: Goblu is a fictional town in the southeast corner of the state, created as a "copyright trap" to prevent copying of the Michigan State Highway Commission's maps. Road Pig was also the name of a Decepticon released in 1995 as part of the Transformers: Generation 2 toy line.

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Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
???9695 seconds73478

Notes: DiC's Road Pig wore his 1992 outfit, but with blue gauntlets on both arms, and no gloves. He had previously appeared in his 1988 outfit in Sunbow-era commercials.


Season 2 Opening (DiC)2 seconds(silent)in footage from DiC season 2 (0:18-19)
Chunnel154 seconds17 linesat kidnapping , flooding tunnel, flying Liquidator, attacking train, flying Cobra glider & copter, at palace
Kindergarten Commandos110 seconds19 linesat printing plant, driving Parasite to lead reinforcements
Long Live Rock and Roll Part I42 seconds6 linesriding motorcycle in private zoo
Long Live Rock and Roll Part II61 seconds9 linesdriving motorcycle to chase warthog in private zoo, captured, running away
Messenger from the Deep78 seconds4 lineson sled accompanying Cobra Cmdr in city, evacuating in chopper
The Greatest Evil Part I2 seconds(silent)in wide shot of Joe/Cobra briefing (14:04-05)
Cobra World223 seconds15 linesdriving Parasite, in mascot costume, driving Paralyzer, chasing Jesse, attacking Fort Hobbs, escaping park
The Legend of Metal-Head23 seconds3 linesseen in flashback

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Road Pig was discernible in 131 panels in 15 issues from Feb. 1989 to Sept. 1993: #83, SM 21, 89, 90, 91, 93, 98, 99, 128, 129, 135, 136, 137, 138, and 140.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1988 2. 1991 (Super Sonic Fighters) 3. 2004 (Convention)
Version 1: spring 1988 regular carded figure assortment
  • head: Road Pig (88, 91, 04)
  • arms: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
  • torso: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II), Guile (93/I, 93/II)
  • waist: Road Pig (88, 91), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
  • legs: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
Accessories: grey cinder block mace (new), small black wrist-mounted crossbow (new), black armored mantle covering chest and right shoulder (new), black rectangular arm shield (new).
When Road Pig was born, the doctor held him up and said, "This is the ugliest-looking baby I've ever seen!" He was expelled from kindergarten for milk-money extortion and dishonorably discharged from the Cub Scouts. After being kicked out of a low-life, outlaw gang for smelling worse than was acceptable even by their standards, he joined the Dreadnoks as a probationary member. They're having a hard time making up their minds about this one...
"Ugly? They banned him from football games because he stopped the clock! His mother had to tie a pork chop around his neck so the dog would play with him! He went to visit the Empire State Building and got strafed! I'll tell you, beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone!"
Toy Notes: Item #6521. The prototype shown in the 1988 insert catalog lacks the tattoo and the red stripe on the back of the figure's head.
Version 2: fall 1991 Super Sonic Fighters premium carded figure assortment
  • head: Road Pig (88, 91, 04)
  • arms: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
  • torso: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II), Guile (93/I, 93/II)
  • waist: Road Pig (88, 91), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
  • legs: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
Accessories: orange "XM1919A10" double-barreled machine gun (new), orange "inner-cooled incendiary burst flamethrower" (new), orange mantle (new), light green sonic communications backpack with legs (new), black figure stand (common).
The only Dreadnok to have ever gone through a probationary period, ROAD PIG is extremely obnoxious even by Dreadnok standards. This guy pushes the needle to red on the evil meter. I mean, we're talking low on the food chain and high on the nasty list. No one knows for sure how Road Pig obtained his inner-cooled incendiary burst flamethrower, and .45in. XM1919A10 fully automatic blowback machine gun. Suffice it to say, the guy he "borrowed" them from isn't around to talk about it anymore.
"Gross. You could say that. Road Pig doesn't drink orange soda and eat nutritious and yummy chocolate covered donuts like the other Dreadnoks. He subsists entirely on a diet of barbecue-flavored fried pork rinds, fast food burritos, frozen corn dogs, and stale baseball card bubble gum. Once a year, when he brushes his teeth, he has to use industrial tub cleaner instead of toothpaste."
Toy Notes: Item #6630.
Version 3: July 2004 Dreadnok Rampage: Escapades in the Everglades boxed set
Dreadnok Agent
Dreadnok Road Pig
  • head: Road Pig (88, 91, 04)
  • arms: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
  • torso: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II), Guile (93/I, 93/II)
  • waist: Big Boa (87), Balrog (93), Dreadnok Road Pig (04)
  • legs: Road Pig (88, 91, 04), Blanka (93/I, 93/II)
Accessories: dark grey mace (88 Road Pig's), dark grey crossbow (88 Road Pig's), black mantle (88 Road Pig's), black arm shield (88 Road Pig's), clear figure stand (common).
DREADNOK ROAD PIG was kicked out of every low-life, outlaw biker gang from one coast to the other. He was a vexatious wanderer, until the Dreadnoks took him in as one of their own. He's gross-looking and smells worse than anyone would think is humanly possible, but his brute strength makes him more than useful to the gang.
It doesn't take much to make him mad—just point him in the right direction and he'll stomp everything in sight. DREADNOK ROAD PIG actually believes that smashing things is the solution to all of life's problems. Besides, his cinderblock hammer tends to end all arguments rather quickly... "be it breath mint or candy mint." He has taken the position as ZARANA's bodyguard, and feels that it is his responsibility to watch over her (whether she likes it or not).
"I think, therefore, I smash!"
Toy Notes: Beachhead, Hardtop, Sgt. Mutt, Dreadnok Buzzer, Dreadnok Ripper, Dreadhead Cletus, Dreadhead Otis, Zarana, Dreadhead Billy-Bob, Joe-Bob, Dreadnok Crusher, Dreadnok Demolishor, Dreadhead Roscoe, and Dreadnok Vance.