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Note: Overlord was also the name of a Decepticon first released in Japan in 1988 as part of the Godmasters team.

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Animated Appearances

Overlord was animated only for commercials, in which he was the spokesman introducing new Cobra products.

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

To my knowledge, Overlord did not appear in the vintage comic.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1990 (Dictator) 2. 2006 (Convention)  
Version 1: spring 1990 boxed Cobra Overlord's Dictator vehicle
Dictator Driver
  • head: Overlord (90, 06)
  • arms: Overlord (90)
  • torso: Overlord (90)
  • waist: Overlord (90)
  • legs: Overlord (90)
Accessories: two gold scaly clawed gauntlets (new), gold decorative crested battle helmet (new).
Rising up from the ranks of one of Cobra's elite legions, the OVERLORD is a power-hungry authoritarian bent on becoming Cobra's supreme ruler! He is a diabolical individual who expects nothing less than complete obedience from his troops. At this point in time, he is the only one with enough strength and charisma to reunite all the sinister personalities within Cobra's hierarchy to form a more dangerous, more vicious Cobra than ever before!
"As far as we can ascertain, the Overlord was a high-ranking officer of the feared CRIMSON GUARD now planning to seize control of both the Cobra organization and its expanded treasury. Of course, like any corrupt politician, he cloaked his own back room dealings and improprieties with a platform of reform, righteous indignation, and a return to traditional values...Cobra values!"
Toy Notes: Item #6380. The prototype shown on the box back and in the commercial and 1990 insert catalog has a single claw with an exceptionally long arm. Overlord's legs are brittle due to the "Gold Plastic Syndrome" that plagued many toys in the late 1980s/early 1990s; the gold on his accessories also chips and wears easily.
Version 2: late June 2006 Cobra's Most Wanted: Mercenaries! boxed set
Coil CommanderMOS 1: Strategic Command
MOS 2: Psy-Ops
  • head: Overlord (90, 06)
  • arms: Barricade (92, 93, 04), Gears (94), Steel Brigade Paratrooper (05), Overlord (06)
  • torso: Destro (88), Overlord (06)
  • waist: Barricade (92, 93, 04), Cobra Blackstar (94), Gears (94), Overlord (06)
  • legs: Barricade (92, 93, 04), Cobra Blackstar (94), Gears (94), Overlord (06)
Accessories: dark grey submachine gun (03 C.L.A.W.S. Commander's), two gold handclaws (88 Storm Shadow's), gold helmet with red Coil logo (05 Maj. Bludd's), clear figure stand (common).
OVERLORD was a former CRIMSON GUARDSMAN who saw an opportunity to usurp the COBRA hierarchy. Charismatic and powerful, he drew many followers to his side using the platform of a return to traditional COBRA values—gradual but steady world conquest and acquisition of personal wealth—rather than hopelessly following the far-fetched schemes of the old leadership. While he has attempted various allegiances over the years with others, he has now foresworn [sic] any further alliances and has devoted himself to raising his own secret army, the COIL. While his plans have taken years to grow to fruition, he continues to slowly writhe his way back into the inner circle of COBRA, and vows to wrest control of the serpent bedecked throne from COBRA COMMANDER once and for all.
In order to win the latest mercenary challenge, OVERLORD must use his amassed knowledge, contacts, and other covert resources to determine the whereabouts of G.I. JOE's premier Drill Instructor, SGT. SLAUGHTER. He wishes nothing more than to sink his claws into the prize. However, his ultimate goal is to use COBRA COMMANDER's own wealth to strengthen the COIL army and use it to overthrow the COBRA Empire!
"Victory goes to the leader with the most indispensable warriors!"
Toy Notes: Boxed in a Convention-exclusive set with Cobra Mortal, Maj. Bludd, six copies of Skull Squad Trooper, and six copies of Coil Trooper.