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(Air-Viper, Advanced Class)

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Animated Appearances

Sunbow VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Various8143 seconds1390

Notes: Introduced to the Sunbow series a year prior to the other 1986 characters, A.V.A.C.s wore the 1986 outfit with a narrower helmet, blue-tinted goggles, an extra silver band around the elbows, and sometimes large black backpacks without visible straps.


The Phantom Brigade28 seconds5 linesin Firebats attacking factory; prevented from scrambling Firebats on castle roof
The Gamesmaster8 seconds at Cobra Commander's procession; present after island battle
Worlds Without End Part II16 seconds4 linesflying Rattlers against Joes; reporting to Destro
Arise Serpentor Arise Part 34 seconds1 lineflying Firebat to transport Ivan the Terrible's DNA
Joe's Night Out44 seconds3 linesflying Firebats with experimental fuel
Sins of Our Fathers4 seconds flying Firebats against creature
In the Presence of Mine Enemies33 seconds flying Firebat against Slip-Stream's Conquest
G.I. Joe: The Movie Opening6 seconds piloting Firebat grappled by Alpine

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, A.V.A.C.s were discernible in 4 panels of 1 issue: #54 in Dec. 1986. They were not featured in the Order of Battle.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1986 (Terror Drome) 2. 2004 (Built to Rule) 3. 2008 (25th Firebat)
Version 1: spring 1986 boxed Terror Drome with Firebat playset
Cobra Terror Drome Firebat Pilot
  • head: A.V.A.C. (86)
  • arms: A.V.A.C. (86)
  • torso: A.V.A.C. (86)
  • waist: A.V.A.C. (86)
  • legs: A.V.A.C. (86)
Accessories: black parachute harness with Cobra emblem (new).
Piloting a Firebat is somewhat akin to strapping yourself onto a cannonball. The cockpit is cramped by any standard and utterly lacking in even the kindest amenities. No engine status display, no weather instruments, no navigation aids, and no ejection seat. Just the basic flight panel, throttle, pedals, and stick. But after the initial high-G's of vertical takeoff, the Firebat levels out to being the fastest, most responsive single-seat fighter in the Cobra arsenal.
"A.V.A.C. pilots are drawn from the Air-Viper pool. They must be capable of complex mental calculations to make up for lack of on-board computers are absolutely fearless to cope with the Firebat's basic unforgiving nature. The aircraft is not what you would call user-friendly. Surprisingly, there is no lack of recruits for the program. All the best fighter-jocks want a ride on the 'Pocket Rocket.'"
Toy Notes: Item #6003. The Air-Vipers mentioned here would not receive their own figure until 2003. Their filecard reveals that A.V.A.C. stands for Air-Viper Advanced Class.
Reissues: Reissued with the Firebat in mail offers 1988-1990 and 1993 (Operation Blackout, Stop Cobra in Their Tracks, Fangs of Doom).
Version 2: December 2004 Built-to-Rule boxed Headquarters Attack playset
PilotSkills: Aircraft Pilot
  • head: A.V.A.C. (04)
  • arms: Shadow Viper (04), A.V.A.C. (04)
  • torso: A.V.A.C. (04)
  • waist: Shadow Viper (04), A.V.A.C. (04)
  • upper legs: A.V.A.C. (04)
  • lower legs: Shadow Viper (04), A.V.A.C. (04)
Accessories: none
[The late 2004 Built-to-Rule filecards had no main text.]
Toy Notes: Boxed with the playset and the figure Snake Eyes. Appeared in the 2004 Built-to-Rule catalog but thought unreleased until the items surfaced in 2005. It was apparently released in one or two local test markets and pulled due to low sales. Item #6876. This playset is considered an ultra-high-demand, hard-to-find item.
Version 3: October 2008 boxed Firebat Jet vehicle
Cobra Pilot
A.V.A.C. (Air Viper, Advanced Class)
MOS 2: COBRA Air Fleet Pilot
  • head: A.V.A.C. (08)
  • arms: Sgt. Flash (08), Grand Slam (08), Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver (08/I, 08/II), Cobra H.I.S.S. Commander (08), Tripwire (08), A.V.A.C. (08), Cobra Trooper (08/VI)
  • body: Sgt. Flash (08), Grand Slam (08) Tripwire (08), Cobra Trooper (08/VI) - modified: Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver (08/I, 08/II), Cobra H.I.S.S. Commander (08), A.V.A.C. (08), Maj. Bludd (08/II, 08/III)
  • legs: Zartan (07, 08, 09/I, 09/II), Maj. Bludd (08/I), A.V.A.C. (08)
Accessories: black knife with silver blade (07 Zartan's), black belt (08 Sgt. Flash's), black Cobra figure stand.
The elite A.V.A.C. pilots are specially trained to fly the FIREBAT JET fleet. They must have exceptional piloting and navigation skills, because the FIREBAT JET has been designed with minimal pilot instrumentation to increase its speed and maneuverability. A.V.A.C. pilots relish the challenge of "real" flying, in which their control and calculations determine whether they succeed - or whether they go down in flames. They are chosen from the ranks of the COBRA pilots for their utter fearlessness as much as their impressive piloting skills.
"The FIREBAT JET is an unforgiving aircraft, so you've got to be the best to fly it. And, of course, we ARE the best."
Toy Notes: Item #32840.