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File Name: Mark Habershaw of Smithfield, Rhode Island.
Grade: Army O-2 (1990)
SN: 000-0617-AT89
Notes: Smithfield is in the central part of the state, just north of North Providence.

chronological: Rock-Viper<< Sub-Zero >>Ambush
alphabetical: Sub Viper<< Sub-Zero >>Super Trooper


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Don Brown6554 seconds69785

Notes: DiC's Sub-Zero wore the 1990 outfit, with a grey knit cap beneath his hood. He was mild-mannered, in contrast to his filecard description.


Season 1 Opening (DiC)3 seconds(silent)in footage from DiC season 1, in final pose
Victory at Volcania Part 117 seconds(silent)playing football, retreating, at airfield
The Nozone Conspiracy241 seconds33 linesflying Sky Hawk, at base, driving Avalanche, searching Cobra base, on cargo plane, raiding valley base
Cold Shoulder238 seconds34 linesrelieving Slaughter at tracking station, caring for Cubby, in Avalanche, infiltrating Cobra base
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 134 seconds2 linesin General in Lappland
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 221 seconds(silent)pursuing Comstock Lode in sailboat

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

To my knowledge, Sub-Zero did not appear in the vintage comic.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1990 2. 1993 (Arctic Commandos)  
Version 1: spring 1990 regular carded figure assortment
Winter Operations SpecialistMOS 1: Winter Operations Specialist
MOS 2: Field Artillery [13A]
  • head: Sub-Zero (90, 93)
  • arms: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
  • torso: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
  • waist: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
  • legs: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
Accessories: dark grey M60 machine gun with handle on top and bipod with long legs and tiny clip to attach to machine gun (new), small white mortar tube with sight and circular mortar base (new), four dark grey mortar shells with fins on back (new), dark grey pair of elliptical snowshoes, slightly pointed in back (new), large white survival backpack with tabs for accessories (new), gold ammo belt with no tabs or slots (new).
SUB-ZERO was an instructor at the Army Northern Warfare Training Center in Fort Greeley, Alaska and a consultant to the Cold Regions Test Center at the same facility. He beat all records for cold weather endurance solely on MEANNESS! Before he was tapped for G.I. Joe, Sub-Zero used his "deep-freeze" combat tactics in Europe's Operation Chill so that the troops would be well prepared if any winter confrontation should erupt.
"All the other G.I. Joe Arctic specialists like the cold. Not Sub-Zero! He hates it to the MAX! It drives him so far up the wall that it brings out a special kind of meanness unheard of in the western world. We're talking MAXIMUM MEANNESS! So why does he keep volunteering for cold weather assignments? Because he enjoys being MEAN!"
Toy Notes: Featured in 1990's first new figures commercial. Item #6565. The prototype shown in the 1990 insert catalog has its upper arms on opposite sides.
Version 2: fall 1993 Arctic Commandos mail-order set
Arctic Attack Force[joint filecard for all 4 figures; no MOS listed]
  • head: Sub-Zero (90, 93)
  • arms: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
  • torso: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
  • waist: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
  • legs: Sub-Zero (90, 93), Snake Eyes (05/V)
Accessories: black rifle (87 Dodger's), black figure stand (common).
Cobra has recently developed a weapon so dangerous that it threatens the safety of our entire planet! Perched high upon Mt. Everest, what is believed to be a giant thermal conversion laser cannon stands ready to strike targets at strategic military base camps and heavily populated world cities. The laser cannon must be destroyed to prevent global devastation, a task perfectly suited for G.I. Joe's elite Arctic Attack Force. With SUB-ZERO—a winter operations specialist—leading the mission, he's assigned DEE-JAY to climb Everest and plant explosives at the base of the laser cannon. For them to succeed it will be up to STALKER and Sub-Zero to fight off platoons of SNOW SERPENTS, Cobra's polar assault troopers who specialize in Arctic warfare and have adapted to Mt. Everest's freezing winter temperatures. The mission is risky, but the job has to be done...FAST!
Toy Notes: Exclusive to the mail offer Terrifying Lasers of Destruction, along with Stalker, Dee-Jay, and Snow Serpent.