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File Name: Dwayne A. Felix of New York City, NY.
Grade: Navy E-4 (1990)
SN: 313-6094-SP19
Notes: New York City occupies the southeast corner of the state's mainland and nearby islands. Backblast, Big Brawler, and Zap are also said to be from NYC with no further specification. Also from various parts of the city are Bushido, Crossfire, Heavy Metal, Nunchuk, and Tunnel Rat.

chronological: Range-Viper<< Rampart >>Stretcher
alphabetical: Rampage<< Rampart >>Range-Viper


Animated Appearances

DiC VoiceAppearancesTime Identifiable On ScreenTotal Lines (In Own Voice)Total Words
Ian James Corlett16599 seconds36404

DiC's Rampart wore his 1990 outfit but carried yellow missiles in his launcher. He spoke mostly in video game metaphors.


Season 1 Opening (DiC)5 seconds(silent)in footage from DiC season 1, in final pose
United We Stand103 seconds9 linesseeking lab, arriving at rubble, watching broadcast, shooting Hurricanes, driving MBB, storming rocket base
Granny Dearest15 seconds(silent)stationed on train, with assembled troops, in General gun turret
Victory at Volcania Part 172 seconds6 linesplaying football, retreating, at airfield, hiding in ruins, spotting anti-aircraft guns, disguised as Crimson Guard
Victory at Volcania Part 251 seconds2 linesat airfield, driving Hammer during airfield retreat, captured, seen after Cobra retreats
The Nozone Conspiracy2 seconds1 lineflying Avalanche hoverjet (8:28-29)
Pigskin Commandos22 seconds(silent)at Joe HQ, playing football
Cold Shoulder227 seconds17 linespiloting space shuttle, injured and captured by Cobra
Injustice and the Cobra Way56 seconds1 linein National Archives battle
General Confusion10 seconds(silent)aboard General in Amazon
Night of the Creepers14 seconds(silent)flying Retaliator to save house from landslide, driving Hammer
That's Entertainment9 seconds(silent)at HQ when Cobra retreats and after theft of MAP
I Found You...Evy8 seconds(silent)in General at mobile base
An Officer and a Viperman2 seconds(silent)running out to meet Cobra attack (9:46-47)
D-Day at Alcatraz Part 22 seconds(silent)running to ground vehicles for battle (16:16-17)
Season 2 Opening (DiC)1 second(silent)in footage from DiC season 1 (0:10)

Classic Marvel Comic Appearances

By my count, Rampart was discernible in 3 panels in 1 issue: #115 in Aug. 1991.

Figure Releases

Versions: 1. 1990    
Version 1: spring 1990 regular carded figure assortment
Shoreline DefenderMOS 1: Shoreline Defender
MOS 2: ADA Missile Specialist
  • head: Rampart (90)
  • arms: Rampart (90)
  • torso: Rampart (90)
  • waist: Rampart (90)
  • legs: Rampart (90)
Accessories: long black machine gun with notch to mount to hip (new), black two-piece four-leg machine gun stand (new), short light grey hollow mortar tube (new), light grey mortar cable with handle (new), two black missiles with peg behind tiny fins (new).
RAMPART spent most of his teenage years in video arcades or glued to his home video game monitor. Being gifted with abnormally rapid reflexes and extraordinary hand/eye coordination, he quickly mastered every known video game in existence. By the time he graduated from college, Rampart realized there was only one line of work best suited to challenge his abilities—the military. He enlisted in the Navy, specializing in air defense artillery, and in no time, attained the highest combat success ratio in the 7th Fleet for "splashing" enemy aircraft.
"Proficiency in most video games depends upon one's ability to quickly analyze shifts in the spatial movement of images, and to react to such changes faster than anybody else. The same is true in destroying incoming enemy missiles. Rampart gets his jollies seeing a Cobra heat-seeker explode just before it hits the target. It beats the heck out of logging initials into a video game's 'Top Ten' listing."
Toy Notes: Item #6574. The prototype shown in the 1990 insert catalog has a black missile launcher.